TMJ Pain Solutions

Dr. Michael Westman TMJ Pain Solutions

Do I have “TMJ”?

Getting started is easy. Read through the helpful resources on this website and get ready to smile again!

Why Dr. Westman?

Dr. Michael Westman is a Racine, Wisconsin dentist providing TMJ (neuromuscular) therapy and dental care for more than 25 years. Come in for a Sleep Disorder Diagnosis, and let us show you how we provide effective non-surgical solutions to get help get rid of your sleep problem.

What is it you want?

  • Relief from migraines or headaches
  • Eating and talking without mouth clicking, or jaw popping
  • Less ear, face, jaw, or neck pain?
  • Hopefully a happier, healthier life?
14 TMJ explained... (2 videos)


TMJ explained...

TMJ explained by Dr. Westersund
Gears in the machine
Test Yourself For TMJ Pain

Test Yourself For TMJ Pain


You may be unaware of the destruction that is happening with your jaw joints, your teeth, and your spine. If you knew that your current TMJ symptoms will lead to future bigger issues, doesn’t it make sense to take action NOW? Temporo Mandibular Joint Disorder (or TMJD) is a serious…

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TMJ Consultation & Diagnosis

TMJ Consultation & Diagnosis

After meeting with Dr. Westman and his team for a ONE HOUR TMJ CONSULTATION, we will discuss the cause of your TMJ problem(s) and possible solutions.

There are many treatment options that can be tailored just for you. Our team can explain the costs of this service, which can be done within our office.

Taking Away Your TMJ Pain

Taking Away Your TMJ Pain

We strive to balance your bite again, so that all your pain symptoms should decrease and often disappear.

There is no surgery involved in helping you with your pain and problems. We are balancing muscle activity, joint position, tooth contact and posture using a very special piece of plastic called an Orthotic.

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