Sleep Disorder Cost


  • Physical pain?
  • Lessened quality of life?
  • More medical problems?
  • Shorter life expectancy?

They do not really sound like good options, do they?

Compare sleep disorder treatment with…

“Sun is shining as you re-check your list. Everything is packed, cooler is filled, gas gauge is sitting on full and you are ready to hit the road. You reference the map one last time, confirming the most scenic route. Your family has been anticipating this adventure for a long time and it’s about to begin. You buckle up, slide in the key, turn the ignition and . . .

Nothing! It’s dead. Your car won’t start and you are stranded in your very own driveway before you even have a chance to leave town.

You knew this day would come. The day your car would conk out. Conk out and leave you helpless and deflated.

But hey, you need… a car. So you’re shopping around, comparing features, prices, amenities. You talk to friends, get recommendations and research various options. You do your homework and when you are ready, you invest in a new car.”

Now, apply the same analogy to your mouth

Shouldn’t the same thought and consideration be given to your health? Isn’t your health more important than your car? After all, your car will only last you a few years. Your health is with you for a lifetime.

Just like your vehicle, the warning signs are evident — you are exhausted all the time, you don’t wake up refreshed. You are cranky and irritable because you didn’t get enough quality sleep. Your partner is cranky and irritable too — because of your snoring.

You know something is wrong and just like anything, the longer you leave it untreated, the bigger the problem will become. You think you have problems now – just wait – they will only become increasingly worse.

Sleep deprivation can lead to extremely serious health problems — high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, diabetes… Your body needs the rest of rejuvenate itself and maintain its health. The cost of NOT getting treatment for your sleep disorder can be the loss of your health.

Dr. Westman will work with you to find a sleep disorder solution that will suit your needs and fit within your budget. 

Medical insurance will often pay for a large portion of sleep disorder solutions. We file medical insurance claims forms on behalf of our patients — but medical insurance payments go directly to our patients — so we must be paid directly by our patients. If you would like to make monthly payments for your care in our office, we can help you set up low-interest and zero-interest monthly payment financing plans.

We know your health is your main priority – it’s priceless – and we know good oral health is part of that.

TMJ and Sleep Disorder Solutions will help you find a treatment plan that fits your needs find an affordable payment plan for you. If you would like to make monthly payments for your care in our office, we can help you set up low-interest and zero-interest monthly payment financing plans.

If you already have an account with one of the dental financing providers listed below, you are already qualified and you do not need to do anything further for a payment plan for care in our office.

If you do NOT already have an account and you are interested in setting up a payment plan, please click here to see dental payment options and one of our representatives will contact you shortly, without any obligations.



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