Metal Free Tooth-Colored Bonded Fillings

You might have had a number of cavities filled many years ago but none in the years you can remember, and maybe you’ve been brushing and flossing every day ever since you were a child and having a thorough professional cleaning twice a year.

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The Issue With Metal Fillings

Dentists know the old style metal fillings could be better. And you know they’re unattractive – but did you know “silver” fillings are actually more than 50% mercury? As if it’s not enough that mercury is one of the most toxic substances known to exist, mercury fillings damage and weaken the teeth they’re supposed to be protected.

Just like what’s in thermometers, mercury fillings expand and contract as their temperatures change. Heat causes sudden expansion of fillings that causes cracks to form in the surrounding tooth structure, and cold causes shrinkage that creates gaps. Bacteria accumulate within the cracks and gaps and eventually cause tooth decay. The process may be slow but the result can be catastrophic – and in the mean time the bacterial laden holes serve as reservoirs infecting the gums.

Benefits Of Metal-Free Fillings

Metal-free tooth fillings or white fillings look great and they don’t carry the same risks as metal fillings. They provide many benefits:

  • don’t easily conduct cold or heat (no temperature shocks, so they don’t break teeth)
  • bonded fillings strengthen teeth
  • no waiting for hardening after filling is placed
  • no metallic taste
  • virtually invisible
  • no toxic metals

A Natural Look With Tooth-Colored Fillings

Give yourself the gift of natural looking fillings. No more silver and black corroded fillings when you smile or talk. But replaced with an attractive healthy-looking smile.

Our dental practice in Racine uses CEREC CAD-CAM technology to make precision-fit, strong, long-lasting all-porcelain restorations in one visit.

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Won’t It Be Expensive To Replace All My Fillings?

We will work with you to find alternative payment solutions. Check out our Flexible Payment Plans.

So….the choice is yours. Wouldn’t you want to improve your looks and remove a potential health risk?

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