Cosmetic Dental Treatment Options

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Stained, broken or crooked teeth?
First impressions count!

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Are you hiding your smile?
Dr. Westman’s office has a teeth whitening solution for you.

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Going to the dentist twice a year, getting our cavities filled and having a thorough cleaning done.

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Dentures that don’t fit properly can cause more serious problems.

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Dr Westman uses in-office cat-scan imaging for accurate planning, patient comfort and safety when placing tooth-form implants.

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Do you have an unsightly gap in your mouth? Are you embarrassed or worried about it might be doing to the rest of your teeth?

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Dr. Westman’s practice offers orthodontic solutions for all ages. He is a specialist in youth and adult braces.

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Yes, they are talking about You. You’ve just had a Smile MakeOver.

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Who doesn’t want a perfect, radiant smile?
Create a beautiful smile instantly with veneers.

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