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Regular dental cleaning should be part of your defense

Thoroughly brushing and waterflossing every morning and evening should be your first defense in preventing oral health problems.

Your second defense would be professional dental cleaning. It’s something you probaby can’t afford to skip. Even the most dedicated usually can’t do it alone.

Your periodontal therapist at the Office of Dr. Westman in Racine will help you to ensure that your oral health is at its best. Our training, tools and techniques will provide you will all that’s possible in today’s dentistry.

Yes, professional dental cleaning is really important

Oral bacteria are a natural presence. When the volume of certain types of bacteria increase they can infect the teeth (cavities) and gums (gingivitis and periodontitis). Often there is no pain and that can be misleading, so professional cleanings and checkups gums are important to identify problems before much damage occurs.

How oral bacteria impact your health

  • Oral bacteria thrive on sugars
  • The bacteria convert the sugars into acid
  • Acid dissolves the minerals out of our teeth
  • Layers of bacterial plaque adhere to the teeth and cause not only cavities, but the bacteria infect the gums and cause periodontal disease that breaks down the gum and bone around the teeth.
  • Bacteria in the mouth also play an important role in balancing bacteria in the gut.
  • The effects of oral health are far reaching. The entire body is connected.

Is It Time To Schedule Your Routine Cleaning?

Your oral health is at risk

no dirt

Before your appointment with your periodontal therapist at Dr. Westman’s office in Racine

  • clean your teeth the best you can
  • assess whether you have any mouth, tongue, gums or teeth issues, at any time
  • document any oral health or medical issues you may be experiencing
  • write down any questions you may have

Make professional dental cleanings part of your life

Preventive dental care will help you:
  • avoid painful problems
  • avoid needing treatment
  • help prevent losing teeth
  • have a healthier life

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