Dental Implants

New ‘roots’ are possible!

dental implantsWith dental implants we actually are talking about roots! When you think about dental implants, picture them as artificial roots that provide support to your teeth.

Imagine your tooth as a tree….a healthy root means a healthy tree. Fortunately for us, unlike trees or plants, if we don’t have a healthy root structure for our teeth, we have the option of replacing the root with an implant.

Implants give your bite stability. You can chew better and more comfortable and they reduce the risk of gum disease compared to other options. An implant is like a natural tooth that can’t get a cavity. Bonus. AND they are comfortable and easy to place in the jaw.  

Dr Westman uses in-office cat-scan imaging for accurate planning, patient comfort and safety when placing tooth-form implants. He can determine if implants may be an option for you. Dental implants Racine by Dr. Westman. The right choice.

What other benefits do implants provide?

dental implants2One of the other benefits of an implant is that adjacent teeth don’t need to be restored, making implants an attractive option for single tooth and crown replacement rather than a bridge.

Many of our patients who wear conventional lower dentures have been amazed by the improvement in support and chewing function when Dr. Westman has placed as few as two implants. Four to six or more implants can completely eliminate the need for any removable denture while replacing a full set of upper or lower teeth.

How are they placed in my mouth?

An implant is like an anchor for the replacement tooth. The implant is first inserted into the jawbone and then the replacement or false tooth is attached. Wondering what a Dental Implant exactly is?

How much do dental implants cost?

No matter what your budget is, we know you care about your health. Dr. Westman wants to make sure you stay healthy as well and he will help you find solutions to make your dental treatments affordable for you. Dental implants Racine by Dr. Westman. The right choice.

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