Smile Makeovers in Racine WI

Yes, YOU…the one with the smile!

smile makeovers racine wiYes, they are talking about You. You’ve just had a Smile MakeOver. If you avoid smiling, cover your mouth so others can’t see your teeth or have stained, broken, crooked or missing teeth, Dr. Westman, cosmetic dentist in Racine, can give do smile makeovers.

It can be you that people are talking about:

“She has the best smile I’ve ever seen!” or  “He looks so happy. He’s always smiling.”


Fast response.

Dr. Westman can do smile makeovers

Discolored or stained teeth – white and gleaming

  • Crooked teeth – straightened with or without wire braces
  • Gaps between teeth —  closed
  • Chipped or worn teeth – repaired
  • Missing teeth – replaced
  • Uneven gums or gummy smiles – re-contoured painlessly with laser
  • Unattractive metal fillings – replaced with natural, tooth-coloured restorations

All of these ‘makeovers’ can be completed in Dr. Westman’s office in a few short and comfortable visits. AND within your budget. We work with you to find alternative payment options so your smile makeover fits within your budget.

Fear of the dentist?

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Dr. Westman can help you

smile-makeoverFor some, it’s as simple as teeth-whitening while others may require more extensive procedures.  Our cosmetic dentistry office in Racine offers treatments from veneers to bridges to instant orthodontics.

AND before long, you have a bright, new smile. What used to take years of braces and dental appointments can now be done in months or even a few weeks!


Any smile problem can be corrected

Dr. Westman offers a full range of cosmetic dental treatments. Make sure it is you they are talking about.

We can help you find alternative payment solutions. See our Flexible Payment Plans.

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