Sleep Disorder Causes

Lying in bed, looking through the slits in your scrunched up eyes, you refuse to believe the sun is rising. Birds start chirping outside your bedroom window and you turn to look at your alarm clock only to confirm what you already knew. In a matter of moments you will get up and start your day – once again weary, exhausted and disillusioned.

You managed to get a couple hours of sleep, but between your partner nudging you to tell you ‘you’re snoring again‘ and the delays in between to find sleep because of your sleep problem, you wonder if you’ll ever wake rested and full of energy.

You aren’t the only one wondering as over half of all adults are getting fewer than the recommended daily hours of sleep required. Additionally, more and more people say their sleep problem disrupts their lives and subsequently affects their partner’s lives too. 
How does sleep loss affect your life?

Depression, diabetes, obesity, hypertension, heart attack and stroke – are all very real outcomes of lack of sleep.

Dr. Westman is fully aware that sleeping disorders – such as snoring, sleep apnea and insomnia – can have huge emotional and physical consequences on individuals. As a result, he is wholly committed to understanding your symptoms and providing you with alternatives and ultimately results.

Most people wouldn’t consider contacting their dentist to get a good night’s sleep – but consider this. The most common disruption in a healthy night sleep is the occurrence of breathing cessation. Your passageways are blocked, collapsed or restricted but an analysis and treatment by Dr. Westman can help or all together eliminate your problem.

The increasing concern of sleep deprivation plays a large role in the overall quality of your life. Not only are you obviously and arguably tired – the negative impact on your life starts to become evident. You are irritable, you can’t concentrate on the simplest tasks, your relationships are affected and you begin jeopardizing the safety of yourself and those around you.

When your body hasn’t had an opportunity to rest and fully repair itself on a regular basis, your health is compromised. From annoying to life-threatening, the wide range of health consequences can be astonishing, all resulting from prolonged sleep deprivation.

Let us know about your sleep problems.

Antidepressants may be responsible for the rise in the prevalence of a sleep disorder.

People with sleep disorders are more prone to depression.
 At some point in time, everyone has felt a little down in the dumps. A little blue – not wanting to face the day. These feelings of sadness are normal but when they become prolonged, they can be the early stages or onset of depression. Depression intensifies your feelings of sadness, lasts for extended periods of time and prevents you from leading a normal life.

Lack of sleep alone, generally doesn’t cause depression. It does, however, play a significant role. Lack of sleep makes depression worse by upsetting your daily routine and interfering with your personal, professional and social life.

A recent study points out people who suffer from sleep problems are very likely to develop depression and depression-like symptoms at some point. The risk of depression is directly connected to the severity of the sleep disorder. The shorter or poorer quality of sleep you get at night is directly reflected in the seriousness of the symptoms. Another study implies people with depression are five times more likely to have a breathing-related sleep disorder than non-depressed people.

Antidepressants can cause sleep disorders

When depression sets in – antidepressants will generally be prescribed. We all know they can alter and lift a person’s mood. Some antidepressants can also provoke or aggravate sleep disorders. One such disorder – REM behavior disorder – finds people acting out their often violent dreams, while they are asleep.

Doctors are noticing this trend in younger and younger patients. Patients that are relying on antidepressants. They say this disorder is on the rise as more people turn to the broad use of medications. Knowing what the chemicals are doing to the brain, doctors aren’t surprised of the side affects associated with the drugs.

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It’s time you capitalized on all you have to offer your family, your friends and most importantly, yourself. Let Dr. Westman help you to achieve a restful night sleep and work with you to get your life back. Click on the button for a FREE consultation and find out more about your situation.

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