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Regular Dentures vs. Implant Dentures – Which is the Better Option?

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There are several options for people who need dentures. They can get removable complete dentures, removable partial dentures, single implants, implant supported dentures, or implant retained dentures. Here’s a quick comparison between the types of regular dentures and the types of implant dentures so future denture-wearers have a solid idea of what they’re getting themselves into. Regular Dentures A traditional …


IvoBase: The Systemic Process for Innovative and High-Quality Denture Bases

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Inaccurate denture sizes can not only cause discomfort for the patient but also cost them more money on replacing it with a higher-quality alternative. This is an inconvenience that most top-notch dental clinics avoid because they want the most accurate and efficient way to provide dentures to their patients. This is where IvoBase comes in the picture. Let’s break that …

TMJ Pain and Headaches – How to Finally Put an End to the Pain

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Headaches and migraines – is there anything worse? The intensity with which these conditions attack a person can definitely have an adverse effect on their daily life. In fact, some people end up unable to get out of their beds for hours or even days when a really bad one strikes. In order to successfully treat chronic head, neck, and/or …


Repairing damaged teeth with dental crowns

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Cracked or broken teeth don’t always seem like a big deal – until they start to cause some pain. But, in some cases, people who have broken teeth don’t ever experience pain. Does that mean that people should consider dental crowns for repairing damaged teeth only if they’re experiencing pain? Absolutely not! Repairing a damaged tooth should happen as soon …

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5 Ways Dentures Can Help with Sleep Apnea

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Those who suffer from sleep apnea understand how frustrating it is to wake up multiple times during the night. Muscles relax and can block the upper airway of the mouth, making breathing (and sleeping) much more difficult. An aid to sleep apnea that is often overlooked, but in many ways effective, is dentures. Denture wearers who struggle with sleep apnea …

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Replacing Missing Teeth With Dental Implants More Than Just Boosts Confidence

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There are few things more attractive than a confident smile. Many struggle from the insecurity of missing a tooth and an achy jaw from an off-balance bite. Luckily, there are solutions available from Dr. Westman a dentist in Racine, WI which can help those struggling with a missing tooth to find their way back to a comfortable and radiant smile. …

How a “Bad Bite” Can Cause Migraines and Muscle Pain

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Millions of people in the U.S. suffer from chronic migraines. Oftentimes, they haven’t been able to find relief from over-the-counter or prescription medications. At the most, these medicinal remedies only tend to dull the pain. Why do so many people with migraines? And how can they find some real relief? The answer to and remedy for this pain may actually …

Teeth Grinding Causes Migraines – Is There Anything You Can Do About It?

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Migraines are a debilitating condition that affects millions of people throughout the country. People who suffer from them seek treatment from their physicians. Unfortunately, though, many of them don’t get the results they would like – namely, no more pain! Thankfully, they may be able to find relief from their dentist. Why is this? It’s because dentists can treat the …

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Tooth Colored Fillings: The Safe and Attractive Filling Alternative

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Silver fillings – it sometimes feels like they can be seen across the room when a person opens their mouth to laugh or speak. Many people are really insecure about others being able to see their silver amalgam fillings. Others are worried about the adverse effects of the mercury and other materials in these types of fillings. Fortunately, for those …

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Why Regular Dental Cleaning and Dental Checkup Are So Important

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When it comes to oral health, a lot of people think that brushing their teeth at home is enough. They don’t always understand the importance of a regular dental cleaning and dental checkup. The problem with this, though, is that a lot of patients end up with serious dental conditions that could’ve been prevented had they seen their dentist regularly. …