Everything You Need to Know about Cavity Repair and Filling Appointments

March 27, 2019
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One of the worst feelings a person can have is to suspect that they have a dental problem. They get a twinge of pain or see a dark spot in their tooth and their stomach just sinks. What’s the next step they should take? Their best option is to see their Racine dentist as soon […]

I’m in pain…

March 26, 2019
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You’re not entirely sure what’s at the cause and you aren’t entirely sure when it started. What you do know is you are in pain – all the time. You can’t function, concentrate or focus… You are alienating your family and friends… You really just don’t care about anything…except the pain. Why Am I In […]

My mouth isn’t working right…

March 26, 2019
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You are at a dinner party, enjoying the company of friends and taking delight in making new ones. You sit down to begin enjoying the lovely feast set before you and you are unexpectedly aware that you can’t open your mouth… You feel helpless and embarrassed. If you suffer from TMJ, the ability to open […]

I’m looking older than I feel…

March 26, 2019

Nothing gives away your age more than your smile. When a bad bite is thrown into the equation, the wear and tear on your teeth can radically impact the appearance of your face. Suddenly you start to see your lips changing shape. Wrinkles and creases form and deepen on the sides of your nose and […]

What’s wrong with me?

March 26, 2019

You are tired! Physically – mentally – emotionally Tired of trying to figure out how to deal with your sleep issues only to keep hitting a dead-end. After everything you have tried and after all your questions have been left unanswered, we are here to tell you: Your Journey Ends NOW. Imagine a world – […]

What are the options?

March 26, 2019
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Need Snoring and / or Sleep Apnea Solutions?     MicrO2 is an easy-to-use and comfortable device that safely alleviates snoring and symptoms of Obstructive Sleep Apnea. If a patient has been diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnea or snores, the MicrO2 lower jaw advancement device will assist him/her in waking with a better sense of […]

View how TMJ affects you

March 26, 2019

Don’t let TMJ problems ruin your life. Do something about it! We offer a FREE 15 minute consultation without any obligation If you want to get rid of your TMJ symptoms, we can help. Schedule a consultation and we’ll outline the TMJ treatment options that can help to alleviate your pain or discomfort. There are no […]

TMJ, TMD, TMJD…Confused?

March 26, 2019
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Jaw Terminology 101. It’s easier than you think. In trying to get to the bottom of all the symptoms you’ve been experiencing – headaches, back pain, jaw pain, etc – you have probably ran into a lot of different terms, that can be difficult to understand. TMJ, TMJD, temperomandibular joint, TMD. What do they all mean? Scratch no […]

Where is my TMJ?

March 26, 2019
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Location, location, location While your Temporo Mandibular Joint may be quite a mouthful to pronounce, it’s actually quite easy to locate. To find your jaw joint, trace your finger to right under your cheekbone – just in front of the middle of your ear. When you open and close your jaw, can you feel that […]

It’s all connected

March 26, 2019
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Connecting the dots . . . A misaligned jaw can affect your entire body or a specific part of it. The slightest imbalance in your temporomandibular joint (TMJ) could result in headaches, dizziness, nausea, premature wearing of your teeth, poor body posture, decreased strength and flexibility, compromised breathing airways, muscles tenderness and many, many more […]

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