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Sleep breathing disorders in its various manifestations is arguably the #1 U.S. health problem. Adequate sleep is vital to your overall health. No less than water, air and food. It’s simply crucial to allow your body and brain to have the time they need to re-boot every day. If you’re not getting enough sleep due to snoring, you need a snoring remedy.

When you sleep, your heart slows itself down and it relieves the stress you’ve gathered throughout your day. Your body needs time to decompress and gather energy to face another morning. Your blood pressure drops. Your body and brain refresh themselves. You decrease the severity of age-related diseases. You can control illnesses such as hypertension, obesity, diabetes and memory loss.

Impaired sleep can harm your heart by putting undue stress and strain on the muscle. Cardiovascular disease, heart attacks, strokes and in extreme cases, death, have all been linked to sleep debt. Chronic sleep loss hinders your body’s ability to perform even basic metabolic functions, including regulating your hormones. If you think you may be suffering from a sleep disorder, fill out the questionnaire below.

Sleep debt causes: excessive daytime sleepiness, irritability, depression, non-productivity, daytime microsleeps and motor vehicle accidents. Lack of sleep impairs as much as being over the legal alcohol limit for driving.

  • Optimal adult sleep time is ~ 7-8 hrs.
  • Averaging 5-7 hrs doubles the risk of coronary artery calcification and
  • Averaging 5 hrs doubles the risk of cardiovascular death.
  • Over 40% of americans average
  • Getting 1 more hr of sleep has the effect of lowering b.p. 17mm.

Snoring is often a pre-cursor to a more severe problem, known as sleep apnea. Those afflicted experience a blockage in their breathing airway, without even realizing it. This blockage deprives them of getting oxygen regularly throughout the night. Sleep apnea has a huge affect on heart disease. Apnea sufferers have an increase in developing high blood pressure – a major risk factor in developing heart disease and strokes.

Snoring is the sound of partially obstructed breathing, and is the #1 cause of lack of sleep (snorers and partners). About 40% of men and 24% of women snore habitually.  23% of bed partners sleep in separate rooms. Lack of sleep causes sleep debt that can only be reduced by sleeping extra time.

OSA is stoppage of breathing for 10+ seconds at a time (often 20-60+ seconds at a time), up to several hundred times each night. Not all people with OSA snore, but ~90% of loud habitual snorers have OSA.

The effects of sleep deprivation can lead to severe health concerns and an untimely death. Sleep deficiencies can negatively affect your brain function, which increases your stress hormones and leads to depression.

Let us know about your sleep problems, and find out how we can help you with simple treatments such as orthotics, snoring devices, and orthodontic options.

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