Oral Conscious Sedation

“I Wish I Could Sleep Through Going To The Dentist.”

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We know no one looks forward to going to the dentist.

If you get really stressed or concerned about going, oral sedation may be the solution. That’s right. A small pill an hour before your appointment relaxes you so much you may not even remember the treatment. No more fear of dentist.

Or it may feel like the time just flies by.

How Does Sedation Dentistry Work?


The night before your sedation visit you will take a small pill, a mild sedative.  No food or drinks except for water for 6 hours before your appointment.

The morning of your sedation appointment a small pill, another mild sedative, will be given to you about an hour before your treatment begins. This will help you relax. Someone will need to drop you and off and pick you up because you will not be able to drive after the treatment.


Once you feel relaxed and completely comfortable, Dr. Westman will begin your treatment. If you still don’t feel relaxed, we will give you another tablet, which lasts from one to six hours depending on what procedure you are having. We will give you a drink of juice or some soft food afterwards which is all it takes to get you back to normal.

Your vital signs, including blood pressure, pulse, and oxygen levels are monitored constantly and someone is always with you.

Along With Sedation Medications We Will Use NuCalm

Recovery from Sedation Dentistry

You will need to be picked up and cannot go back to work that day. You may not remember the treatment. Someone should stay with you for the rest of the day. Your balance may be affected so use caution and ask for assistance, i.e. around stairs. The sedation can take up to a day to completely disappear from your system.  You will be able to drive the next morning and carry on with your regular day.

Is Sedation Dentistry Safe?

Yes, it is. Thousands of people have undergone sedation dentistry without any side affects or problems. You are constantly monitored with medical equipment so you are completely safe. Dr. Westman or one of his staff will be in the room with you at all times. Should there be a concern, we have a reversal agent ready to be administered in the treatment room. You can relax – safely and easily during your dental treatments.

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