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Are you hiding your smile?

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If you are hiding your smile because your teeth have become discolored, Dr. Westman’s office in Racine has a teeth whitening solution for you. We can help you face each day with a white, clean-looking smile.

What causes my teeth to change color?

Over time, tooth enamel loses its natural color and is stained by the food we eat (blueberries are a culprit), coffee, tea, cola drinks, cigarettes and some medications (Tetracycline is an example).

Stand out from the crowd

We all notice people who have great smiles and often comment on them. A gorgeous white smile is attractive–it gives an aura of confidence. Bright smiles also look healthier; others are attracted to people they see as confident and healthy.

Teeth whitening is one of the most popular treatments at Dr. Westman’s office. As a cosmetic dentist, his patients find teeth whitening an affordable and quick way of improving their smiles.

You get what you pay for

There are two routes you can choose from to whiten your teeth. One is to purchase over-the-counter products that are available at almost any grocery store, drug store or internet. The other route is to purchase whitening products and procedures that are available only at dentist’s offices.

Many of Dr. Westman’s patients who came to him for teeth whitening had tried the at-home treatment first, but weren’t happy with the results. There was some difference, but not nearly what they had hoped for.

How long will it take?

try teeth whitening31That depends on your prescription. Dr. Westman will prescribe one or more of many available whitening gels, depending on the specifics of your case. It might take only a day or two to achieve a dramatic difference in your smile. In other words, get a gorgeous smile that will dazzle everyone you meet…however, it might take up to two weeks or longer.

Dr. Westman will custom make a tray to properly hold the whitening gel on your teeth, and you can wear the tray to comfortably whiten your teeth at home…or you can wear it outside your home since it’s virtually invisible. If you’re looking for an even more dazzling result, we can power whiten and brighten your smile in our office.

(By the way, our power whitening protocol does not use Zoom or any other type of “bleaching light” as all lights have been proven to be completely ineffective, serving only as a gimmick to impress patients and to brighten teeth only due to their heat drying out the teeth. And lights tend to increase teeth sensitivity.)

Is it safe?

Absolutely. When teeth whitening is performed using the right materials and techniques it is safe and effective. It’s really a simple dental procedure.

This sounds expensive?

Dr. Westman’s patients find the results worth it AND we can work with you to find payment solutions to make it affordable. Our office offers Flexible Payment Plans for teeth whitening. We’ve heard from many people the long-term gain was incredible–more doors were opened professionally and personally because they were more confident.

But don’t believe it just because we say so. Read what our patients say about it.

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