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What Causes Teeth to Become Discolored?

Over time, tooth enamel loses its natural color and is stained by the food we eat like blueberries, coffee, tea, cola drinks, cigarettes and some medications. If you are hiding your smile because your teeth have become discolored, Dr. Westman’s office has a teeth whitening solution for you. We can help you face each day with a white, clean-looking smile.

What is GLO Science Whitening?

GLO Science Pro combines the factors that enhance whitening and eliminates the compromises that cause sensitivity and lack of compliance. Our dual whitening approach combines an in-office and take home procedure and addresses the primary factors of whitening – contact time of the gel to the teeth and concentration of H2O2 GLO Difference is achieved – a whitening scenario where the primary factors that effect whitening are maximized to reach optimal patient results and satisfaction without sensitivity

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Is Tooth Bleaching Safe?

Absolutely. When teeth whitening is performed using the right materials and techniques it is safe and effective. It’s really a simple dental procedure.

Is GLO Safe For Whitening Crowns, Bridges, Veneers, And Other Dental Work?

Yes! GLO is perfectly safe to use on any unnatural tooth surface. It will remove surface stains and restore then to their original color.

Is GLO Tooth Whitening Registered With the FDA?

Yes, the GLO Brilliant Teeth Whitening Device is a Class I Medical Device and has been registered with the FDA.

How Does GLO Science Whitening Work?

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GLO’s breakthrough patented innovation is a universal sized mouthpiece that combines light and heat in a closed system. The controlled warming heat accelerates the reaction of the highly reactive H2O2 and the closed system prevents the whitening oxygens from escaping the tooth surface into the atmosphere. This results in shorter exposure time to the H2O2 gel and therefore, less sensitivity.

The warming heat is modulated to the optimal temperature, preventing the pulpal response (zingers) that happens with other professional whitening lights that generate too much heat.


GLO’s Innovative Methods

The heat and light in the GLO mouthpiece activate the whitening gel, accelerating the oxidation process. With its peripheral seal, the mouthpiece—built on a flexible circuit, making the fit universal—creates a closed environment for whitening, preventing the oxygen ions from escaping the tooth surface into the atmosphere, resulting in maximum efficiency and effectiveness in short exposure times. There is no need to take impressions or send the patient home with custom made trays.

It is understood that the longer a peroxide formulation remains on the teeth, the whiter the results. However, overexposure of peroxide can cause permanent changes to the teeth and sensitivity. People do not need to sleep in whitening trays or use a system for weeks on end. There is a faster and safer way, and as the experts, dental professionals must share the facts with their patients. Patients don’t want to experience sensitivity by exposing their teeth to peroxide and high heat for too long.

How GLO Uses Light And Heat

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During other in-office whitening procedures, light and heat reside outside of the mouth, requiring exceedingly high temperatures and resulting in oxygen ions escaping off the surface of the tooth. GLO Science puts the light and optimal warming heat inside the mouth and uses the sealed environment created by the mouthpiece to maximize the efficacy of the whitening gel, preventing dehydration and sensitivity.

The controlled warming heat inside the mouthpiece accelerates the formation of highly reactive oxygen ions. This prevents the whitening oxygens from escaping into the atmosphere. Instead, they bombard the surface of the tooth, resulting in shorter but more effective wear times without painful, sensitivity-induced zingers.

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Because the warming heat is modulated to the optimal temperature, it prevents the pulpal response that happens with other professional whitening lights. The gentle heat is soothing, allowing patients to whiten in comfort.


How GLO Uses H202

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GLO Science Professional uses specially formulated hydrogen peroxide whitening gel, available in 30% and 24% concentration for use in office and 10% concentration for use at home. GLO never uses carbamide peroxide, and the gel therefore has no harmful breakdown byproducts (ammonia, urea, alcohol) that can cause irritation to the teeth and gums. In the dental practice, the whitening gel is delivered in a dual-barrel syringe that also includes a pH raiser and a special desensitizing agent. The lower 24% formulation is specially designed for younger patients and those with dentinal sensitivity, recession, and abfraction at the CEJ. At home, patients use innovative GLO Vial whitening gel, containing 10% purified hydrogen peroxide in an adhesive form (peroxydone). The Vials feature a unique brush tip applicator to allow for targeted, precise application as well as a highly adhesive gel formulation that stays put on the teeth, without migrating onto the soft tissue.


How Long Do You Leave GLO Teeth Whitening On For?

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Because of the shorter treatment time (four pre-timed 8-minute applications; half the time of other systems) and a temperature regulator that does not exceed 52°C on the tooth surface, teeth are not overheated nor excessively exposed to hydrogen peroxide. Whether you are whitening in the dental office or in the comfort of your own home the whitening sessions do not exceed 32 minutes.

Color Stability And Maintenance With GLO

No whitening treatment can deliver permanent results, and shade changes must be maintained over time. The GLO Professional Take-Home Device allows patients to continue the whitening treatment at home to maintain the results they achieved in the office. While protocols can differ depending on factors unique to each patient, including starting shade and dietary habits, the rule of thumb is for them to use the contents of one GLO Vial each month for maintenance and complete a full or touch-up in- office or take-home treatment every six months. Patients can complete a full whitening treatment once or twice a year.

If you love your GLO take home whitening results but would like a professional touch-up;  simply ask if you can add on a treatment to your routine appointment. A GLO whitening touch up can be completed in under 30 minutes in the office, and it is a terrific add-on to a hygiene appointment’s regimen of services.

What Our Patients Have To Say

“Dr. Westman has a modern, very up to date office, everything is done in house.  He pays attention to detail and does everything needed to make your mouth perfect.  The staff are all friendly and gentle.  Your comfort is paramount.  Would definitely recommend 100%!”

Teeth Whitening Before And After

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