Teeth Whitening in Racine, WI

Teeth Whitening Before and After Photos

Teeth Whitening Before and After Photos
Teeth Whitening Racine, WI

Over time, tooth enamel loses its natural color and is stained by the food we eat (blueberries are a culprit), coffee, tea, cola drinks, cigarettes and some medications. If you are hiding your smile because your teeth have become discolored, Dr. Westman’s office in Racine has a teeth whitening solution for you. We can help you face each day with a white, clean-looking smile.

How does KöR Whitening work?

Dr. Westman offers the KöR Whitening System as one of our whitening options. Widely accepted as the finest whitening program available, the KöR system has different levels depending on the needs of the patient — from KöR Home all the way up to KöR Ultra-T.

KöR Home produces exceptional whitening through the use of tightly sealing trays that the patient wears for 14 consecutive nights at home while sleeping. Other KöR Whitening options involve a blend of at-home and in-office whitening. One of these is KöR Ultra-T, specifically meant for tetracycline-stained teeth, which don’t respond to other whitening programs because the staining is in the dentin, the tooth’s second layer, not the enamel.

The KöR Whitening System seems to be similar to other at-home treatments, utilizing peroxide gel and special trays. But KöR Whitening does some things differently that create the whitest teeth in the dental world.

First- whitening gels have been shown to be chemically unstable and tend to lose potency quickly when allowed to warm and when in contact with saliva. To counteract this, the KöR Whitening System refrigerates the whitening gels continuously from manufacturing to delivery to the dentists and then on to the patient’s home. This keeps the potency as high as possible.

Second- the KöR Whitening System trays create an excellent seal on the teeth to minimize any saliva coming in contract with the gel, also maintaining potency. Plus, these trays are worn at night when sleeping so your saliva production is much lower than when awake.

KöR Whitening achieves its extensive whitening by restoring the ability of your teeth to absorb oxygen. This is a tenet of younger teeth, but can be activated with the KöR gel. The oxygen works more effectively than other whitening agents in other products when it is absorbed deeply into the teeth, breaking down and removing any stains.

To make your KöR Whitening trays, we make molds from your teeth. The trays are created to form a seal on the teeth when applied. This minimizes the effects of saliva on the whitening gel.

Each night you apply the KöR Whitening tooth desensitizer to your teeth using swabs provided with the system. This prepares the teeth to absorb the oxygen in the KöR gel. And it eliminates post-whitening sensitivity. Next you fill the trays with the whitening gel and place them on your teeth. You check to be sure a tiny bit of gel has overflowed the top of the trays. You wipe off the excess and make sure the trays are fully locked against your teeth. Then you go to sleep. The trays are so comfortable you’ll barely know they are there.

This is repeated for 14 consecutive nights. In three of the KöR Whitening System levels in-office treatments are combined with at-home whitening. The end result is amazing, as the KöR Whitening System whitens our patients’ teeth 16 shades or more.

Plus, your teeth stay white, as KöR provides easy, periodic home maintenance.

How does the KöR Whitening System differ from other whitening options?

The KöR Whitening System requires the use of custom-molded trays that adhere closely to the teeth, maintaining maximum contact with the whitening gel and eliminating contact with saliva. In other systems, the trays do not fit in the same way and saliva mixes with the peroxide gel. Saliva breaks down peroxide gel quite quickly.

Research has shown that whitening gels placed in conventional trays are effective for only 25-30 minutes. The KöR Whitening System trays create such a good seal they provide up to six hours of effective whitening. That’s why you wear them when you are sleeping.

The KöR Whitening System is also different in the requirement that their whitening gels be kept refrigerated all the way from manufacturing to home or office application. This has been shown to counteract the degradation of the whitening gels, which is not the case with other systems that don’t restrict temperature fluctuations. By keeping its gel cool, the KöR Whitening System only releases the oxygen, oxygen ions, and free radicals that are effective for removing stains when the gel is applied to the trays and put on the teeth.

The KöR Whitening System also contains desensitizers that are applied each night prior to placing the trays on the teeth. This eliminates sensitivity and allows the gel to be on the tooth enamel for much longer than with other whitening programs.

What is at-home and in-office whitening with KöR?

The KöR Whitening System has four levels. Three of the levels combine at-home and in-office treatments.

  • KöR Whitening Home:

    There are two options: KöR-Night and KöR-Day, using two strengths of carbamide peroxide gels. This is a two-week home treatment, and it also provides for long-term periodic maintenance.

  • KöR Max:

    This combines two-week home whitening with one in-office, in-depth KöR Whitening session with high-strength hydremide peroxide gel. This is a combination option for more whitening thanks to the in-office addition. Home maintenance is included.

  • KöR Ultra:

    This three to four-week treatment combines at-home whitening with multiple high-strength in-office treatments, along with at-home maintenance. This is a good option for those with stubborn staining, including fluorosis; and dark, geriatric staining.

  • KöR Ultra-T:

    This six- to eight-week treatment is also a combination of at-home and in-office whitening. It specifically is meant for teeth that have been stained by reaction to tetracycline. At-home maintenance is also included.

Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

Absolutely. When teeth whitening is performed using the right materials and techniques it is safe and effective. It’s really a simple dental procedure.

Can I get my teeth whitened with KöR if I have sensitive teeth?

The KöR system includes desensitizer with both at-home and in-office whitening options, so tooth sensitivity is not a problem. Before any whitening gel is used the KöR system applies desensitizer to every tooth.

How can I maintain my results after my KöR treatment?

KöR Whitening delivers the longest lasting results of any whitening program. This is because the system is able to fully rejuvenate and restore teeth to their youthful ability to absorb bleaching factors. This makes is easy to keep your KöR whitened teeth white through periodic at-home maintenance. For most patients, this means wearing their KöR trays, with whitening gel, a minimum of one night per month for the duration. This keeps your whiteness, while allowing you to still enjoy typical staining beverages and foods.

How long do the KöR whitening sessions last?

You wear your KöR trays all night for 14 nights for the at-home portion of these treatments. If you opted for a higher level that includes in-office treatments, these usually last between 60 and 90 minutes.

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