TMJ Pain Can Be Handled with the Help of a Racine, WI Area Dentist

Patients who struggle with neuromuscular pain that stems from the TMJ, or temporomandibular joint, are welcome at the practice of Dr. Michael Westman to learn about the treatment options available. When it comes to TMJ, or even the condition called TMD, patients have solutions that can reduce or even eliminate the discomfort they experience, sometimes …

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TMJ, TMD, TMJD…Confused?

Jaw Terminology 101. It’s easier than you think. In trying to get to the bottom of all the symptoms you’ve been experiencing – headaches, back pain, jaw pain, etc – you have probably ran into a lot of different terms, that can be difficult to understand. TMJ, TMJD, temperomandibular joint, TMD. What do they all mean? Scratch no …

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Where is my TMJ?

Location, location, location While your Temporo Mandibular Joint may be quite a mouthful to pronounce, it’s actually quite easy to locate. To find your jaw joint, trace your finger to right under your cheekbone – just in front of the middle of your ear. When you open and close your jaw, can you feel that …

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Ear Pain, Ringing, Congestion

Are you coming unglued by your ears? Your ears are driving you crazy; painful, ringing and congested. You’ve been to doctors and specialists with no diagnosis. They’re doing everything right; completing a thorough investigation, sending you for tests, and listening to your symptoms, but they are unable to find the problem.  On top of the …

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TMJ Jaw & Teeth Pain

You owe a huge dollop of gratitude to your teeth With anything you use daily, over time there is going to be significant wear and tear. The same principle applies to your teeth. Think about it: you use them repeatedly, day-in and day-out. Practically everything you do requires the use of your teeth. Each day, …

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TMJ / TMD Evaluation & Diagnosis

  A thorough examination and consultation with Dr. Westman. After you complete your New Patient Registration Form, you can reserve your one-hour (or longer), comprehensive TMJ/TMD evaluation/examination visit – the key in diagnosing and getting rid of your head, neck and jaw pain and other symptoms, and sleeping better. In addition to your clinical examination …

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No Surgery needed

The news just keeps on getting better Not only can a dentist determine exactly what is going on and how to go about repairing the damage, the treatment can come without the use of surgery.  A combination of non-invasive therapy that include dental orthotics, braces or other dental devices can solve TMJ problems. If worn or broken teeth are also a problem a complete smile …

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Chiropractic Care

The relationship between the way your skull sits on top of your spine and how your teeth mesh together when you bite is both well researched and documented. Your skull sits upon the very first vertebrae, called the ATLAS. The Atlas refers to the mythical strongman that held the earth up in the heavens. Like this …

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Dental Bonding for TMJ Treatment

If you are struggling with persistent discomfort in your jaw that will not go away, you could be dealing with TMJ. Also referred to as a TMJ disorder, it centers on the temporomandibular joint. This vital joint is the connection between the upper and lower jaw. When everything is in balance and there are no problems, …

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