No Surgery needed

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No surgery needed

The news just keeps on getting better

Not only can a dentist determine exactly what is going on and how to go about repairing the damage, the treatment can come without the use of surgery. 

A combination of non-invasive therapy that include dental orthotics, braces or other dental devices can solve TMJ problems. If worn or broken teeth are also a problem a complete smile rejuvenation can help to restore teeth and eliminate embarrassment. It can restore your smile, your health and most importantly, it can restore you!

unhealthy teeth


healthy teeth

Reconstructive Neuromuscular dentistry is a fancy name for a particular approach to dental treatment. Essentially, it combines the art of making you look better with the science of making you feel better. It’s where function meets appearance.

Neuromuscular dentistry can change your smile and your face back to its intended beauty.

altIt can reduce or eliminate the symptoms that take their toll on your quality of life and on your overall health. With the help of advanced technology and computer tracking, your bite can be re-built back into a balanced muscle position. This helps balance the way you chew  and how  your overall mouth functions.

With a balanced bite position, you can eliminate the grinding of your teeth, migraines & headaches, and many other symptoms associated with TMJ.