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Orthotic Solutions

Therapeutic Orthotics Therapeutic orthotics are made of clear or tooth colored acrylic, moulded to attach to the lower teeth. (Lower teeth whenever possible, because orthotics attached to lower teeth are more comfortable than those attached to upper teeth.) The biting surfaces of the orthotic simulate a set of properly positioned teeth. The orthotic bite relaxes […]

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TMJ / TMD Evaluation & Diagnosis

A thorough examination and consultation with Dr. Westman. After you complete your New Patient Registration Form, you can reserve your one-hour (or longer), comprehensive TMJ/TMD evaluation/examination visit – the key in diagnosing and getting rid of your head, neck and jaw pain and other symptoms, and sleeping better. In addition to your clinical examination and […]

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Taking away your pain

Simple solutions, big relief Simple stretching and relaxation exercises can usually provide at least some amount of relief to tense and sore muscles due to TMJ, but more is usually required to get relief from structural misalignments. Sometimes, anti-inflammatory injections and/or referred pain trigger point injections are all it takes to break the pain cycle. […]

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Smile Rejuvenation

How your smile got started Your smile was defined in your early days. ?Childhood allergies, early tooth loss, missing teeth, thumb sucking and large tonsils and adenoids contributed to how your upper and lower jaw ?developed, how your teeth mesh together, ?and how you smile today. It’s not just your smile – ?but your entire […]

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No Surgery needed

The news just keeps on getting better Not only can a dentist determine exactly what is going on and how to go about repairing the damage, the treatment can come without the use of surgery.  A combination of non-invasive therapy that include dental orthotics, braces or other dental devices can solve TMJ problems. If worn or broken teeth are also a problem a complete smile […]

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Chiropractic Care

The relationship between the way your skull sits on top of your spine and how your teeth mesh together when you bite is both well researched and documented. Your skull sits upon the very first vertebrae, called the ATLAS. The Atlas refers to the mythical strongman that held the earth up in the heavens. Like this […]

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Looking for a CPAP alternative in Wisconsin?

What is CPAP? CPAP stands for Continuous Positive Airway Pressure. While you sleep, a machine is used to rectify sleep apnea symptoms and aid in the prevention of snoring. How does CPAP work? A continuous air flow is forced through your nose with CPAP. When your muscles relax during sleep, this steady pressure prevents your […]

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Orthodontic Treatment

Long term sleep solution: Orthodontics… not just for crooked teeth When sleep shortages are keeping you from being productive during the day, orthodontic solutions may be considered. Because your jaw growth is a gradual process, your upper and lower jaws may develop at different rates. This may directly affect your breathing and in turn, contribute […]

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Always Tired

Snoring can be exhausting The upcoming annual golf trip was just three weeks away and the jokes were already flying around. “Bring the earplugs” they teased. “We’re drawing straws for Mike’s bunk mate”. As good-natured as the teasing was, it was social embarrassing for Mike. He knew snoring was common his snoring was abnormally loud and […]

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What you think may be a simple snoring problem can lead to serious health concerns. Even death! Adequate sleep is vital to your overall health. No less than water, air and food. It’s simply crucial to allow your body and brain to have the time it needs to re-boot every day. If you’re not getting […]

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