What to think about when it comes to replacing missing teeth

istock 936967024 After tooth loss, it is critical for patients to replace their teeth as soon as possible. Your appearance, confidence, oral health, and bite function depend on restoration of the smile. However, it’s important to choose a dental restoration that fits your needs, budget, and current situation. Dr. Michael Westman and his team in Racine, Wisconsin can help patients find a solution that meets their needs, but will mention to patients the things they need to consider when talking about repairing the smile.

  • Treatment of another condition first. Depending on the cause of tooth loss, there may be another problem that needs to be addressed before considering tooth replacement options. For example, patients who have lost a tooth or several teeth due to periodontal disease will need to get the infection under control before choosing replacement options. If the condition is not improved, replacement options will not last.
  • Considering the time needed to get the tooth replaced. Time is of the essence when a tooth is lost. This is because bone resorption will occur if a treatment is not done in a timely manner. Bone resorption is the natural loss of bone of the jaw due to missing teeth. Additionally, patients who wait too long to replace teeth may experience the shifting of the existing teeth, creating unwanted spaces throughout the smile that can require more extensive work to repair.
  • Thinking about the best possible replacement for your lifestyle. The replacement option you choose matters as well. Some patients find that a partial denture is an effective and affordable solution for those who are missing one or several teeth in the dental arch. However, patients who are worried about bone loss might want to consider more permanent options that can sustain the jawbone such as dental implants. Our team educates patients on the different types of tooth replacement options that might be appropriate for their situation.

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