How a Milwaukee dentist can help your snoring and sleep problems

A Milwaukee dentist can help your snoring and sleep problems. Here’s how

snoring,  sleep apnea, TMJ disorder, Milwaukee dentist Snoring has been the straw that broke the camel’s back for many relationships. If you are causing quite a racket night after night, it can truly cause a strain on your partner. Tempers tend to be short and patience wears thin when it is impossible to get a good night’s rest. What you might not realize is your snoring is disrupting your rest as well. When you snore, it could indicate more serious sleep problems, such as sleep apnea. You need to take it seriously.

What is sleep apnea?

While most consider snoring simply to be a nuisance, there is more too it. Snoring is one of the leading symptoms of sleep apnea, a serious sleep disorder. It means you stop breathing briefly during the night due to an obstruction in your airways. Whether it is a problem that originates in your mouth or your nasal passages, your breathing becomes blocked and each apnea episode can last for up to a minute each time.

When you stop breathing, your body is deprived of its vital source of oxygen. Your system has to work much harder, putting a strain on your heart and cardiovascular system. When you snore, it is your body’s struggle to overcome the obstruction. To avoid serious health problems, you need to resolve the problem. Your Milwaukee dentist can help.

Your sleep problems could be due to a TMJ disorder

The dentist is probably the last person you would turn to for snoring. However, a TMJ disorder could be the root of your troubles. A TMJ disorder revolves around the temporomandibular joint. This essential hinge connects the upper and lower jaw. When it is strained, inflamed, or out of alignment, it can wreak havoc on your body. If your bite and jaw is not placed properly when you sleep, snoring and sleep apnea can result. Your dentist can diagnose the problem and offer you solutions.

Learn more

Set up a consultation with your Milwaukee dentist to find get to the bottom of your snoring problem. Through careful evaluation, it will be possible to find out why you are snoring. If a TMJ disorder is the problem, your dentist can offer you treatment alternatives and point you in the right direction.

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