TMJ Jaw Problems

jaw-pain-woman If you are suffering from chronic headaches, can never get rid of that stiff neck, or find that your shoulders are aching all of the time, your jaw could be the root of your problem. Other obvious signs include tenderness in your jaw, swelling, or difficulty opening and closing your mouth. If you are struggling with any of these difficulties, you need to pay attention to some real life lessons about jaw problems.

When Your Jaw is Out of Alignment, it Can Have a Ripple Effect

Millions of Americans suffer from TMJ disorders, yet they don’t even know it. This essential joint connects the lower and upper portions of the jaw, acting as a hinge. If there is a problem with alignment on either side of the jaw, it can cause major ramifications.

A popping noise may occur every time you chew or yawn. You may have real problems when you try to bite into hard foods. Serious pain can?radiate beyond your jaw to your ear, head, neck, and shoulders. If you suffer from undiagnosed mystery pain, take a trip to the dentist to see if he or she can help.

Jaw Problems Can Result from Stress

If you deal with a great deal of stress in your life, it could be taking a toll on your jaw. Every time you become frustrated or tense, there’s a good chance that your whole body tightens up, including your jaw. Clenching your teeth puts a great deal of pressure on your jaw, leading to strain or inflammation. Add teeth grinding, or bruxism, to the list and your jaw will be in sorry shape. You need to find healthy ways to relieve your stress and you’ll find that your jaw problems will improve as well.

You Don’t Have to Live with Jaw Problems

Don’t accept your jaw problems. A visit to the dentist’s office can help you to pinpoint the problem and find a solution that will work for you. It could be as simple as taking anti-inflammatory medication and using warm compresses every evening when you get home. An oral appliance could be helpful, worn at night to put your jaw in proper alignment and reduce strain.

Do You Have TMJ?

Don’t let your jaw problems get the best of you. If you’d like to find out if TMJ is at the root of your pain, take my TMJ questionnaire and I’ll reply with a free, no obligations diagnostic recommendation. An understanding of what’s causing your pain can lead you to effective treatment.

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