Sleep Disorders and Depression

You’re Sleep Disorder is Really Bringing You Down

sleep and depression kenosha, oak creek, racine, milwaukee, wi When you first heard the news that you had a sleep disorder, it hit you hard. You’ve been prescribed a CPAP device and now you’re chained to a machine every night as it pumps a steady stream of oxygen into your airway. Your wife has taken to sleeping in the spare room because the noise is too much and you feel like you’re getting less sleep than before.

Your dragging your feet every day, exhausted to the point that you don’t want to do anything. Nothing has any color or excitement and you’re feeling so downhearted, you have a tough time facing the day. A trip back to the doctor and he’s recommending medication for depression. Before you take his advice, you need to realize that your sleep disorder could be at the root of all of your problems.

Sleep Disorders and Depression Go Hand in Hand

It’s no wonder you’re struggling with depression when a sleep disorder takes over your life. A solid, restful sleep is essential for your well-being. It recharges your body, allows vital repairs to be performed, and allows you to feel rejuvenated when you get up each morning.

When you can’t sleep, or your sleep is constantly interrupted during the night, you put a strain on your heart, slow your metabolism, and simply feel sapped of energy. Dealing with all of the side effects of a sleep disorder will definitely affect your mental state. Between your fatigue and lack of focus, you will find your spirits dropping lower and lower. You need to get to the source of your sleep disorder.

Resolve Your Sleep Disorder and Make Depression Go Away

Dealing with your sleep disorder effectively is the first order of business. While the CPAP device is effective, many people find it uncomfortable and disruptive. You need to find out about other alternatives. Changing your position at night or wearing an oral appliance could be the answer you are looking for. A sleep disorder specialist can provide you with options.

Find the Right Solution for You

Seek professional advice and ask for other options besides the CPAP device. If your problem stems from your jaw, a TMJ specialist could be the best source of assistance. Once you sleep well again, your depression should become a thing of the past.

If you would like to learn more about sleep disorders, please download my sleep disorder e-book.

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