TMJ and Sleep Disorders

blog-man-desperate2 You’re struggling with a sleep disorder, a problem that affects millions of American’s, robbing you of a good night’s rest. To top it off, you’re also battling with a TMJ disorder. Between your throbbing jaw and sleep apnea that has you gasping for breath repeatedly during the night, your life is miserable. You want to start feeling better. You need to get to the source of all of your problems. Should you start with sleep apnea treatment options or begin with your TMJ problem??

What Comes First?

It’s like asking that old question, “What comes first, the chicken or the egg?” If you’re dealing with sleep apnea and a TMJ disorder, the main focus is on what’s blocking your airway at night. Breathing freely, supplying your body with the vital oxygen that is necessary to keep all systems on go, is the top priority.

However, your TMJ disorder is most likely to blame. A TMJ disorder revolves around the temporomandibular joint that connects both portions of the jaw. When the jaw is misaligned, inflamed, or strained, it causes a host of symptoms, including pain in your jaw. The way that your jaw is aligned and how you place your teeth when you bite can have a dramatic effect on your airway at night. As you go to sleep, the position of your jaw could cause your tongue to roll back in such a way that it closes your airway. You need to seek effective treatment to eliminate all of your problems.

Fix Your TMJ Problem and Resolve Your Sleep Disorder

If you find yourself trapped in a vicious circle of jaw pain and restless nights, you need to seek treatment. A TMJ specialist can get to the heart of the matter through careful evaluation and testing. The best solution will be advised next in order to correct the problem so you can rest easy at night.

Discover Your Options

A dentist, specializing in TMJ disorders, can help you to ensure your jaw is in alignment. Physical therapy and the use of a mouth guard at night can keep your airway open and get rid of your pain. In some cases, surgery could be the answer. Find out what’s the best treatment for you, come in for a complimentary TMJ consultation.

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