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blog-snoring Sleep disorders like sleep apnea and snoring are no laughing matter. Whether you are the victim, it’s someone in your household, or a stranger out on the street, sleep disorders can have a major impact on just about everything. It’s easy to see when we think about four things we all hate about sleep disorders and the troubles they cause every day.

The racket will raise the roof

1 When someone snores in a household, it can truly be a nuisance. The person who is to blame will often end up sleeping alone as everyone else takes evasive action to get as far away as possible. The entire household has to go to sleep before the snorer or everyone will be kept awake all night.

It’s a sad state of affairs when everyone in the family is wearing ear plugs to bed and the culprit feels like being shunned. Worse yet, snoring is a sleep disorder that can actually cause damaging effects to a victim’s health.

Sleep deprivation can turn people into zombies

2 When people are victims of sleep disorders, whether it’s sleep apnea or snoring, they are not getting a solid night’s rest and their bodies are not recharging properly. The result: being completely overcome with exhaustion.

This can be extremely dangerous as victims of sleep disorders fall asleep at the wheel, have industrial accidents, or simply are unable to maintain focus in their daily lives.

Sleeping beside someone with sleep apnea can be terrifying

3 If your partner or spouse has sleep apnea, it can really take a toll on your quality of sleep as well. Victims of sleep apnea stop breathing during the night due an obstruction of their airway.

This can happen dozens of times and last several or more. Imagine lying in bed only to hear the one you love cease to breathe, followed by a terrible gasping when the brain awakens a person in order to resume breathing again. It’s frightening and you both are going to be sleep deprived.

Sleep disorders can have serious consequences

4 Besides being annoying, sleep disorders lead to serious health problems. When a person is regularly deprived of a good night’s rest, the body fails to rejuvenate itself properly. The metabolism becomes slow and weight gain is common. Depriving the body of oxygen is a major problem as well, leading to increased risk of stroke and heart attack.

Learn more about sleep disorders

If you would like to learn more about sleep disorders; their causes, symptoms, risks and treatment, please download my free e-book, “A Sleep Disorder Can Kill You”.

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