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Posts From March, 2019

tmj pain and headaches how to finally put an end to the pain 5c99306acd384

TMJ Pain and Headaches – How to Finally Put an End to the Pain

Headaches and migraines – is there anything worse? The intensity with which these conditions attack a person can definitely have an adverse effect on their daily life. In fact, some people end up unable to get out of their beds for hours or even days when a really bad one strikes. In order to successfully […]

IvoBase: The Systemic Process for Innovative and High-Quality Denture Bases

Inaccurate denture sizes can not only cause discomfort for the patient but also cost them more money on replacing it with a higher-quality alternative. This is an inconvenience that most top-notch dental clinics avoid because they want the most accurate and efficient way to provide dentures to their patients. This is where IvoBase comes in […]

regular dentures vs implant dentures which is the better option 5c99305ebcc05

Regular Dentures vs. Implant Dentures – Which is the Better Option?

There are several options for people who need dentures. They can get removable complete dentures, removable partial dentures, single implants, implant supported dentures, or implant retained dentures. Here’s a quick comparison between the types of regular dentures and the types of implant dentures so future denture-wearers have a solid idea of what they’re getting themselves […]

Family Dentist Racine, WI

The Benefits of Working with a Family-Friendly Dentist in Racine, WI

Everyone needs to have a dentist who can help them achieve and maintain a beautiful, healthy smile. Dr. Michael Westman of Racine, WI understands this completely. He also understands how busy patients are these days and wants to make getting to recall dental visits easier than ever for everyone in the family. This is why […]

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