The Benefits of Working with a Family-Friendly Dentist in Racine, WI

Family Dentist Racine, WI Everyone needs to have a dentist who can help them achieve and maintain a beautiful, healthy smile. Dr. Michael Westman of Racine, WI understands this completely. He also understands how busy patients are these days and wants to make getting to recall dental visits easier than ever for everyone in the family. This is why his practice accepts patients of all ages and stages. From the youngest toddler to the eldest senior, he provides dental care for everyone under one roof.

What are the benefits of family dentistry?

There are many reasons why a parent may decide to work with a family-friendly dental practice. First, it is much easier to line up appointments for everyone on one day, rather than trek children and adults to different professionals across town. Our practice will set up back-to-back appointments for everyone in the household so all family members can be seen on the same day without multiple visits. Second, a family dentist is familiar with generations of members, making it easier to spot genetic issues that may be hereditary, giving him a leg up on diagnosing common dental problems. Third, a family dentist builds positive relations with everyone in the household and can become a trusted provider for both children and adults. Dr. Michael Westman has a gentle hand and a wonderful attitude towards children and can make even the youngest patients feel at ease in the dental chair.

When should children start seeing the dentist?

The American Dental Association recommends that parents bring their children in for their first dental appointment by the age of one, or earlier if the first baby teeth have erupted through the gum line. This allows patient to touch base with a professional regarding their child’s oral health and wellness and ask questions about how to care for their newly developing smile.

Want to learn more about our family-friendly practice?

Book an appointment with Dr. Michael Westman of Racine, WI to discuss your needs. Call the office, located at 4944 Charles Street in Racine, WI today at (262) 639-7000. Our practice is here to assist you and your family with much-needed dental care solutions, including general, cosmetic, and restorative care for children and adults of all ages!

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