IvoBase: The Systemic Process for Innovative and High-Quality Denture Bases


Inaccurate denture sizes can not only cause discomfort for the patient but also cost them more money on replacing it with a higher-quality alternative.

This is an inconvenience that most top-notch dental clinics avoid because they want the most accurate and efficient way to provide dentures to their patients.

This is where IvoBase comes in the picture.

Let’s break that down:

Ivoclar Vivadent has a denture base system called IvoBase. Essentially, it’s a fully-automated polymerization system designed to create partial dentures, complete dentures, implant prosthetics, and more.

Special PMMA (Polymethyl Methacrylate) resins are injected and polymerized to create denture bases of stunning precision and fit for patients.

The Science and Tech Behind IvoBase

The IvoBase system is a conglomeration of what makes the IvoBase injector and materials so high-quality. The system puts the components of the two innovations together into one fully-integrated, easy-to-operate unit.

Part of what makes the system so efficient is that all of the parts are meant to go together – they’re optimized for use in combination with one another.

Injection molding and polymerization is automatic, and the chemical shrinkage of the PMMAs is compensated during the process thanks to the patented thermo-management system employed in the flask and heater.

That’s a complicated way of saying that the IvoBase system produces high-quality denture bases.

The IvoBase injector not only creates a great product, it is a great product on its own.

It has an “all-in-one“ injector for easy operation, it doesn’t take up much space, it’s durable, easy to empty,  and easy to clean. All that’s needed for the injector to work is a power connection – no more complex compressed air or water connections. It has a USB port to get updates via the internet.

It has an RMR key that reduces the monomer residue in the PMMA resins to under 1% when pushed. This maximizes compatibility with the mucous membrane when patients have their dentures in. Because the injector doesn’t need a water bath for polymerization, the process keeps the lab clean and steam-free.

Real World Applications

The IvoBase material has two versions for different purposes. Both PMMA-based materials mix the benefits of self-curing polymers and heat-curing polymers for precision and efficiency in their high-quality denture base.

The IvoBase Hybrid is suitable for all removable dentures. It’s user-friendly. It goes through polymerization quickly – in 35 minutes. The monomer doesn’t come in contact with the skin to keep denture-users safe and clean. The predosed material always has the ideal mixing ratio, another benefit of the IvoBase system being designed to work in cooperation with its injector and materials.

The IvoBase High Impact is best for products with a need for exceptionally high stability. It has fracture toughness, which keeps the more delicate denture bases from cracking easily. It’s a good choice for structures subjected to heavy loading. It has a good longevity and durability with a low susceptibility to damage. It undergoes polymerization in 50 minutes, which is still a short processing time even though the Hybrid goes faster.

Pressure-heat polymerization allows for a strong chemical bond with the teeth. The high impact strength and fit accuracy of IvoBase’s high-quality denture base also keeps patients natural and worry-free.

They don’t have to be concerned about damage or breakage, instead, they can give their attention to the more important things in life – smiles, laughter, good conversations, and good food.

Because IvoBase dentures have such a great fit, patients don’t have to worry as much about plaque and bacteria. A good fit helps to resist and prevent unwanted irritations so the mouth stays healthy and un-inflamed.

Bacteria and plaque are also kept away by IvoBase dentures’ non-porous surface. It doesn’t allow bacteria to soak in and hole up in little tunnels within the denture, which prevents bacterial odor and leaves the mouth cleaner and fresher.

That spot-on fit once again does IvoBase denture wearers another favor: the natural, secure, and comfortable fit of IvoBase means patients don’t need to use as much denture adhesive to stick their dentures to their gums. There’s already a solid amount of natural hold from the shape alone.

Where to Get High-Quality IvoBase Dentures

The residents of Racine, Wisconsin don’t have to look far for these high-quality denture bases. Dr. Westman, a local dentist that is a recognized prosthodontics specialist by the American Dental Association, uses this amazing technology.

Those interested in knowing more about these dentures can send an email or book an appointment with Dr. Westman today!

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