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snoring appliance, snoring mouthguard, align your bite while you sleep at night, bad bite, TMJ disorder, Milwaukee dentist When your snoring is keeping everyone awake, it’s time to find treatment to help you stop snoring. For many people, snoring is more than a nuisance. Common snoring problem scenarios include spouses fleeing to the spare bedroom and children sleeping with ear plugs in their ears!?Worse yet, you may find yourself waking up in fits and spurts through the night, or not able to fall into a deep sleep. If you are looking for solutions?before your snoring gets the best of you, read on.

Your mouth could be the reason behind your snoring

To find a solution to your snoring, you need to get to the root of your problem. If you snore, it could mean that there is an obstruction of your airway. It could be based on an issue with your nasal passages or it could be connected to a bad bite. Snoring is often an indicator of more serious problems, such as a TMJ disorder or sleep apnea.

If this is the case, you could find yourself suffering from a host of troubling symptoms. Chronic fatigue, weight gain, and irritability can all be traced back to a sleep disorder that is caused by the blockage of your airway at night. If that blockage is caused by a TMJ disorder, you could also be experiencing pain in your jaw, chronic headaches, earaches, and pain in your neck or shoulders.

A proper diagnosis is the key

Maybe surprisingly, a Milwaukee dentist can help you to find out what is causing your snoring problem. If the issue is caused by an oral problem, such as a jaw that is out of alignment, a snoring appliance could help you. Your dentist can create a snoring mouthguard that is tailored for your mouth to align your bite while you sleep at night.

Find the answers to help you stop snoring

In order to stop snoring, the dentist’s office is a good place to start. Set up a consultation to explain your problem. Your Milwaukee dentist will work with a sleep specialist and perform an examination and use medical imagery to correctly diagnose any oral problems that are causing your snoring. From there, a treatment plan can be created to help you stop snoring once and for all.

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