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Sleep Loss Symptoms

A sleep disorder can be a killer in your bedroom… Sleep Apnea can be life-threatening? Read more » What you think may be a simple snoring problem can lead to serious health concerns! Read more » Weight gain – in a perfect world, we would all go to sleep and wake up lighter. Read more » […]

Sleep Disorder Center

We are not a sleep laboratory, we work closely with several sleep laboratories, and we ourselves offer portable sleep testing equipment that you can take with you to use in the comfort of your own home! Just like the rest of your body, prevention is the key to having good oral health. Maintaining healthy teeth […]

Posture 1 Test – Front

Posture Test – Front Stand in front of a mirror (or have someone ready to take a photo of you standing in front of a wall Stand with your feet ‘shoulder width’ apart Close your eyes and turn your head left and right as far as you can go, look up then down as far […]

Posture 2 Test – Side

Forward head posture was commonly called “Dowagers Hump” in old England. That is because there is a build up of muscle and connective tissue at the base of the neck required to hold the head in this forward position. Heads weigh between 8 to 16 pounds. Holding that weight forward of it’s natural position over the […]

Mobility Test

Moving the head Watching in the mirror, try to touch your right ear to your right shoulder. Repeat in the other direction. Now try to turn your head so your chin is pointing to the right and then the left. If you have stiffness or pain, your bite may be to blame. Limited mobility is […]

Jaw Position Test

Short upper jaw Look at your face. That cute up-turned nose may be a consequence of an under developed upper jaw. Most adults do not show their nostrils when you look face on. But an under developed upper jaw can mean the nose has not grown to it’s ideal position. This does not mean you are not […]

Overbite Test

In a healthy mouth, an overbite of 10% of the upper teeth over the lower teeth is natural. Anything more than that increases the likely hood that your bite is unhealthy. HEALTHY BITE OVERBITE Deep overbites mean the lower jaw must stay back from a more natural position so that the upper and lower teeth can mesh […]

Shortened / Chipped Teeth Test

Teeth wear not from eating or chewing but from grinding and clenching. Grinding is the body’s way of trying to eliminate interference in the bite. If your teeth mesh together in a position where the jaw muscles or jaw joints are strained your natural reaction may be to grind to a more comfortable position. Unfortunately, in […]

Flexibility Test

How does your bite affect your flexibility? Find out Your balance, flexibility and potential strength all change with something as simple as biting on a plastic pen. This test demonstrates how a clenched bite changes the way the muscles of your head, neck and back work. Try it Try to touch your toes without the pen between your […]

Muscle Tenderness – Test

Use the Trigger Point images to palpate muscles on the cheek (Masseters) and on the temple (Temporalis) to see if there are trigger points.You have to push hard and roll your finger or thumb around to find the knot in the muscle. If it is there then there are issues. Rate all muscles on a […]

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