Understanding TMJ

understanding TMJ, racine, kenosha, milwaukee, oak creek, wi If you find yourself dealing with muscle spasm or muscle soreness, especially if it is affecting your shoulders or?your neck, you your probably want?to get to the root of your pain. If you also have?discomfort with your jaw and a tingling down your arms, and chronic bouts of muscle stiffness that can’t be relieved in the typical way, you could have an unexpected source for your pain.

When your doctor is stumped and you’ve tried all of the conventional remedies without success, you could be suffering from?TMJ?pain.

Understanding TMJ

When you are suffering from a TMJ disorder, the trouble originates with your temporomandibular joint. This essential hinge connects your lower and upper jaw. When everything is in order, your jaw will work smoothly, functioning seamlessly when you eat, talk, or yawn.

However, if you have a misaligned bite, there is strain on the jaw joint, or you’re dealing with inflammation in the temporomandibular joint, it can have a domino effect. It begins with your bite being improperly placed, causing strain on the powerful muscles in the jaw. The strain can lead to the inflammation, affecting not only the muscles, but the nerves as well. Your jaw may lock in place or make a clicking noise. Soreness and swelling may occur as well.

While all of these troubles are affecting your jaw, other areas in your body can be affected as well.

TMJ can wreak havoc on your body

When you’re struggling with TMJ, your jaw and other parts of your body tend to tense up. Your posture can be affected as well. In the end, you can find yourself stricken by muscle stiffness and soreness in your back, neck, and shoulders. Tingling may radiate down your arms from time to time. Headaches are par for the course as well.

If left unresolved, your TMJ disorder can cause considerable discomfort. If any of these symptoms sound familiar, you need to find a solution.

TMJ treatment can help

Visit a TMJ dentist and discover how TMJ treatment can help you resolve your muscle pain or stiffness. Through careful evaluation, involving bite analysis, medical imaging, and an assessment of your mouth, your dentist can help find?the best?TMJ treatment?for you.?

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