Understanding root canal therapy

Root canal therapy The words “root canal” often spark fear in many adults. However, the procedure itself is nothing for patients to be afraid of! In fact, root canal therapy can be used to eliminate pain, not cause it. If you are experiencing a toothache, root canal therapy may be the solution?

Do I need a root canal?

An infected tooth left untreated can become a serious problem. This is when patients need to consider the benefits of root canal therapy. During root canal therapy, the dental pulp inside of the tooth is removed. The empty space is then sanitized and filled with a material called gutta percha to seal off the tooth. Then, a dental crown is placed over the tooth to protect it from becoming weak and brittle.

Are there alternatives to root canal therapy?

The biggest concern for our patients to consider is the alterative option to root canal therapy. Unfortunately, the only alternative is permanent extraction of the tooth. Our team finds that keeping the natural tooth in place is more beneficial than removing and replacing an adult tooth. Root canal therapy helps in saving the tooth and the tooth structure from requiring full removal, ensuring the patient does not have to deal with the stress and cost of tooth replacement options including dentures, dental bridges, or dental implants.

Are root canal treatments painful?

Many patients think of pain when they are told about root canal therapy. However, this procedure is done with adequate sedation and the use of anesthetics to ensure patients are completely comfortable from the start and throughout their treatment. Additionally, the toothache that brings patients into the practice for care are often incredibly painful and can be eliminated with this treatment. We walk patients through the process to help them understand how helpful root canal therapy can be when it comes to bringing the smile back to health.

Looking to learn more about endodontic treatment?

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