TMJ Pain

tmj pain, kenosha, oak creek, racine, milwaukee, wi Most of us have headaches from time to time but they are rarely more than a temporary inconvenience. The general solution for this is a couple of tablets taken with a glass of water.

If you are someone who has more than the occasional headache, or stiffness or pain in your neck, head or jaw, it could be something more than tension. This type of pain usually indicates something called temporomandibular joint disorder, more commonly known as TMJ.

What is a TMJ?

The temporomandibular joints are the soft tissue, joints and muscles that connect your jawbone and enable it to open and close, move forward and back, or from side to side. There is also a disc between the ball and socket of each joint that lets you open and close your jaw more widely.

When these joints are persistently causing you pain or not working properly, it is possible that you are suffering from TMJ disorder. There are many causes of TMJ disorder including:

  • injury
  • jaw misalignment
  • jaw dislocation
  • grinding your teeth
  • arthritis
  • genetics
  • missing or broken teeth
  • stress

Find comfort at the dentist

If you are one of the millions of Americans experiencing the agony of pain from TMJ, then there is good news for you. Today you have options for treatment, more than ever before, and you do not need to continue to live in pain. If you want to do more than imagine your life without constant suffering, ask your dentist about what they can do to help.

TMJ treatment range from simple dietary changes, to relaxation exercises, chiropractic care, orthotics, orthodontics, or surgery. The type and level of treatment is different from patient to patient. The first step is top get an accurate diagnosis.

Learn more

There is nothing worse than worrying about pain you don’t understand. If you think TMJ might be causing your pain, take my on-line TMJ questionnaire. I’ll respond with a free, no-obligations diagnostic recommendation so you can get started on your way to enjoying a happier, pain-free life once again.

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