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TMJ Headache, racine, kenosha, milwaukee, oak creek, wi If you suffer from severe headaches or chronic migraines on a regular basis, there’s a good chance you have tried many headache cures. From changes in diet, to adjusting your sleep patterns, going to massage therapy, and taking a host of medications, it can be extremely frustrating when nothing touches your pain.

When your battle with headaches persists in spite of all of your efforts, you may need to seek help from someone other than a doctor or migraine specialist. Think about making an appointment with your dentist.

You could be dealing with a TMJ disorder

Your bouts with headaches could originate with a problem in your jaw. You could be suffering from a TMJ disorder. TMJ disorders revolve around the temporomandibular joint, the essential hinge that connects the upper and lower jaw. When everything is in proper balance, this powerful, yet delicate system of bone, muscle, and tendons will move with seamless effort.

However, if something is out of alignment, your jaw can become inflamed and strained. Not only is pain in the jaw itself typical, nerves in the affected area cause pain to radiate to other parts of the body. Headaches are a classic symptom of a TMJ disorder, especially when common remedies fail to touch your pain.

TMJ treatment could help resolve your headaches

If you are diagnosed with a TMJ disorder, your dentist can implement a TMJ treatment plan to help resolve your symptoms. You may need a correction in your bite that can be achieved with veneers and implants. In the most extreme cases, a full mouth reconstruction may be the only way to restore balance to your temporomandibular joint. Once an effective solution has been found, you should experience headache relief as well.

Learn more about TMJ treatment

Set up a consultation with your dentist to discuss your concerns. Through careful dental evaluation that includes medical imagery, a bite analysis, and a physical exam, it is possible to determine the root of your problems. From that point, your dentist will discuss a plan of action.

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