Sleep disorder effects on relationships

Woman awaking by her husband snoring If your husband snores, you could argue that it is no laughing matter. Many people make light of the terrible racket that affects millions of Americans every night. However, there’s nothing funny about sleepless nights, heading off to another room to attempt to get some rest, or worrying about your loved one’s health.

When someone snores every night, it is more than a nuisance. It’s a problem that could be affecting your relationship in a negative way. Here are three ways a sleep disorder could be affecting your relationship.

1. Snoring can sap your husband of energy

While it’s true that your husband’s sleep disorder can affect your quality of sleep as well, you can always find a quiet room in the household in order to get a good night’s rest. Your husband is not so fortunate.

If he is always tired, there’s a good chance a sleep disorder is at the root of the problem. When someone snores, it is due to a partial obstruction of the airways at night. It means your husband is not getting the vital oxygen supply that he should be getting at night or the solid, restful period everyone needs to recharge. His health can suffer and fatigue is only one problem.

2. You Can Blame a Sleep Disorder for Your Husband’s Stress

If it seems as if your husband is always feeling like he is under a great load of pressure and everything in life is getting to be too much, think about his sleeping patterns. A deep, uninterrupted sleep is essential for a person’s well-being. When your partner snores, he never falls into a productive sleep pattern. Anxiety and other negative feelings can result.

3. Your Sex Life May Never be the Same

A sleep disorder intrudes into your sexual relationship as well. When your love snores at night and doesn’t get the rest he should, don’t be surprised if there is loss of libido. When a person isn’t well-rested, it’s hard to have stamina and enthusiasm for anything.

Get back to sweet dreams

Don’t let a sleep disorder get the best of your or your spouse. Seek help from a dental sleep disorder specialist today and find out about snoring treatments. A good night’s rest can do a world of good for the both of you.

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