Ringing in the ears

blog-ringing-in-ears Ringing is romantic when it is church bells echoing their mellow tones over mountains complimented by bright blue skies, but there is nothing pleasant about that constant and annoying hiss in your ears. There are many reasons for tinnitus, more often described as ringing in the ears. Many cases of tinnitus are not curable, but if your symptoms are caused by TMJ there is hope.

Just make it stop!

If you suffer from tinnitus, you are already well-experienced with the disruption it causes. Perhaps you can almost drown it out during the day amidst traffic noise and all the other racket that is part of daily life. Trying to tune out the never-ending ringing when you want to sleep, however, is frustrating beyond words.

Do you lie there night after night trying to drown out the sound with so-called soothing music or by covering your ears with a pillow? If your symptoms of tinnitus are also accompanied by pain in your jaw and daily headaches, it is possible that the cause of the ringing in your ears is TMJ disorder. In fact, about one-third of TMJ patients experience this ringing in the ears known as tinnitus.

Your dentist might be the one to end the noise

What would you do with an opportunity to your restore peace of mind and a good night’s sleep? Imagine shutting off the lights, cuddling up to your well-fluffed pillow, closing your eyes and hearing nothing but the absence of any noise. If the restful sound of silence is something you miss, then don’t waste another day wondering. When ringing or hissing in the ears is a direct symptom of TMJ disorder, the success rate for curing it is very high. If your dentist is trained in neuromuscular dentistry, they’ll have a host of treatment options for you.

Get diagnosed

It is important to first find out if you have any of the symptoms associated with TMJ disorder. If you suspect your ringing in the ears might be caused by TMJ, take my TMJ questionnaire. I’ll reply with a free, no-obligations diagnostic recommendation.

If TMJ might be the culprit, a qualified dentist will be able to help you with further examination and a treatment plan. Tinnitus often disappears altogether with the successful treatment of TMJ disorder. Silence is not only golden, but definitely within your reach.

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