Milwaukee dentist explains how TMJ can cause face pain

westman-face-pain Ongoing, undiagnosed pain can be downright debilitating. Face pain can be caused by a wide variety of health problems such as:

  • infections
  • ulcers
  • abscess
  • headache
  • injuries
  • toothache

What is TMJ?

TMJ refers to a disorder with your temporomandibular joint, your jaw joint. When your jaw isn’t working properly, either because of a jaw injury, an unbalanced bite, missing, chipped or broken teeth, nighttime teeth clenching or grinding, genetics, or an underdeveloped jaw, your jaw muscles need to work extra hard to compensate. When they tire, they “recruit” help from the surrounding muscles of your face, head and neck. Over time, as your muscles become strained and tight, they can put pressure on the nerves that run through them, causing that mysterious face pain that has been so had to diagnose.

If TMJ is the cause of your face pain, a dentist trained in neuromuscular dentistry could be the solution you are looking for. Treating you TMJ could be as simple as:

    • over the counter pain relief
    • stretching and relaxation exercises to relieve sore, tight muscles
    • anti-inflammatory injections and referred pain trigger point injections to break the pain cycle
    • orthotics to splint your jaw and protect your teeth from nighttime teeth grinding
    • ultra low frequency TENS machine to relax your tense jaw muscles and help find your best bite position.
    • dental implants, crowns and veneers to replace missing teeth or repair broken teeth

A correct diagnosis is critical to determine the best treatment for your TMJ problems.

Your neuromuscular dentistry trained Milwaukee dentist and his team can work with you to return balance and comfort to your mouth, jaw and face. They are trained to understand the complex relationship between your bones, joints, muscles, and nerves in your jaw, face, head and neck. By correcting your bite, you’ll relieve the strain on your jaw and surrounding muscles. Once your bite is back in alignment your face pain should disappear.

Is TMJ causing your face pain?

Find out fast by taking my TMJ questionnaire. I’ll send you a free, no-obligations diagnostic recommendation that will help you beging to findthe treatment you need to walk away from TMJ face painforever.

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