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Looking older than you feel? Your bite may be to blame Changes to your face as you get older may be an inevitable part of the aging process, but most of us strive to look young as long as possible. There is no lack of information about how to look younger by taking care of your skin, but there is another important part of your face that has a direct impact on your looks as you age: your teeth.

Time can take a real toll on your teeth and your jaws, and the effects of aging teeth can dramatically impact the way you look. If you look in the mirror and see yourself looking older than you feel, consider how your teeth may play a role.

How balanced is your bite?

When you have a unbalanced, or bad bite, your teeth connect with each other poorly. This can cause them to wear down by rubbing against each other at angles. As the years go by, your teeth get smaller and are more susceptible to damage. Even if a bad bite is minor, it can cause problems over the years and leave you with worn down or broken teeth by middle age.

You need healthy teeth to support your face

Few people realize that their teeth are the primary support system for their lower face. When your teeth get smaller or if you lose some teeth, your lips and cheeks change appearance. Your cheeks may become sunken and the skin around your mouth shrinks and becomes wrinkled. These changes make you appear older no matter what your actual age is.

It’s a domino effect

The effects of a misaligned bite don’t stop with your appearance. Jaw pain and TMJ disorder caused by poorly aligned teeth can cause headaches and pain that changes how you position your head. Eventually this can affect your neck and spine, and throw your posture off. You may assume poor posture on a regular basis, all because your teeth and jaws started to cause pain.

Stop your teeth from making you look older

As time marches on, dental problems will get worse if they aren’t treated. Restorative dental treatments to repair or replace teeth protect your oral health and keep you looking younger. TMJ treatment can ease pain and relieve stress.

If you think you are looking older than you feel, contact our Milwaukee dentist to find out if your teeth could be part of the reason. And remember that the best thing you can do for your appearance at any age is to have healthy teeth.

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