Jaw Pain Relief – 3 Ways to Get Rid of TMJ Jaw Pain


TMJ Pain – Jaw Pain Causes

If you have TMJ pain, you know how annoying and debilitating it can be. Popping, clicking, locked jaw and pain – these are all symptoms of TMJ disorder. Anyone experiencing these symptoms wants relief fast. Today, we’re going to talk about some jaw pain causes in Wisconsin as well as some jaw treatments in Racine WI.

TMJ Pain – Jaw Pain Causes

The TMJ – or Temporomandibular Joint – is what connects the lower jaw to the skull. The joints are located in front of your ears. When experiencing TMJ tension, you will feel pain and/or tightness there. That tension can cause muscle soreness throughout your head, neck and shoulders. The tension/pain can happen occasionally – when chewing gum or crunchy foods – but can become chronic.

There are a number of reasons why you are experiencing jaw problems. Your bite could be off—either because of the way your adult teeth came in, or because of the anatomy of the teeth.

Another cause could be due to jaw bone issues. For instance, if your upper arch is narrower than your lower arch, you could experience jaw pain.

Stress and anxiety can cause clenching and grinding, causing muscle soreness and tooth wear. Additionally, arthritis can develop in the joint and the joint/cartilage can be worn down.

Jaw Treatment in Racine WI—3 Ways to Get Rid of Your TMJ Jaw Pain

Knowing jaw pain causes in Wisconsin can help you to figure out what’s needed to reduce your pain. Some options include:

  1. See your dentist. One of the most common symptoms of a TMJ issue is tooth wear. So, your dentist will look for wear and check to see how your teeth fit together. You’ll bite on special paper that shows which teeth come together harder than others. This is important to take note of since repeatedly biting hard on one tooth can cause trauma like cracking or breaking. Your dentist may send you to an orthodontist for a consultation and/or special x-rays to check the health of the TMJ.
  2. Reduce your stress. Stress is a major contributor to muscle tension. Find what’s causing your stress and try to get rid of or reduce it. If you can’t remove the stress, practice stress relieving exercises like meditation, visualization exercises, massage, Yoga or Tai Chi.
  3. Exercise your jaw—gently. There are some jaw exercises you can find online or that may be provided by your dentist or chiropractor. Practice them regularly but be gentle. “No pain, no gain” does not apply here!

Jaw Treatment in Wisconsin—Your Dentist Is Your Greatest Ally Against Jaw Pain

If you’ve experienced jaw pain or discomfort, don’t wait a moment longer to get help.  At Dr. Westman’s office, our goal is to see you get out of pain and to be able to continue eating the foods you love. We hope you will contact us as soon as you notice TMJ issues. The sooner we address the issue, the sooner we can help you find a jaw treatment in Wisconsin.

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