How a jaw joint disorder can affect you

Beautiful young woman wincing in pain Do you suffer from chronic or severe headaches that are difficult to get rid of? Do you also frequently have an achiness in your jaw or teeth that feel sensitive when chewing? Do you often experience burning neck and back pain or struggle to stand up straight?

If this sounds very familiar, then you may be one of the millions of Americans with a jaw joint disorder. The symptoms don’t end here, however. There are three important ways TMJ can affect you.

1. TMJ can affect your posture

If you have a TM joint disorder that causes you pain every time you try to stand or sit up straight, it is going to eventually affect the state of your posture. There are many bones, muscles and soft tissue that are connected, and you may find that you tilt your head or sit a bit differently to help relieve the pain.

2. TMJ can cause dizziness or vertigo

There are many symptoms of TMJ that are more serious and uncomfortable, such as dizziness. There is a wide array of nerves, soft tissue and blood vessels that are connected and simultaneously affected by TMJ. This can cause sudden onset of vertigo, dizziness and nausea.

3. A jaw joint disorder can lead to obstructive sleep apnea

When the jaw is misaligned, it may relax into a position that blocks your airway when you are sleeping. This can cause snoring, sleep apnea or both. Sleep apnea, which is a cessation of breathing, can be very serious, because patients don’t just suffer from one apneic event per night. They suffer from multiple events per hour.

The constant pauses in your breathing can stress your heart, and it can lead to some serious health issues over time. Here are a few examples:

  • Heart disease
  • Automobile accidents caused by falling asleep at the wheel
  • High blood pressure
  • Obesity

What treatments are available?

There are many treatments available for TMJ today, including the use of therapeutic oral devices and smile rejuvenation.

Where can you learn more?

Contact a Milwaukee dentist, like Dr. Michael Westman of TMJ & Sleep Disorder Solutions. Schedule a free 15-minute consultation with him today to find out more about TMJ and how he can begin to treat your symptoms and help relieve your pain.

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