Jaw and Ear Pain

relaxing If you are fighting jaw and ear pain, you know that it can really wear you down. Any time that discomfort is a constant companion, it makes it difficult to enjoy life. Don’t sit back and accept the pain. Consider 6 ways that you can overcome jaw and ear pain permanently.

1. Find Stress Relief

If you are under a great deal of stress due to your job or circumstances, you could be putting a great deal of pressure on your jaw. You might not realize it, but clenching your jaw every time you are upset could be the culprit. Your problem could be aggravated by grinding your teeth at night.

Try meditation, soothing music, and a warm bath at night to help you unwind. Take measures to reduce your stress levels and take better care of yourself.

2. Try Massage

Go to a massage therapist on a regular basis and reap the many rewards that come with talented fingers that know the perfect way to make your body go loose. You can even ask your therapist to focus on your jaw area.

3. Apply Warm Compresses

Whether you moisten a towel and heat in the microwave or use a heating pad, try applying heat to your affected ear and jaw. The heat could do the trick.

4. Take Medication

Pain relievers and anti-inflammatory medication could be the route to go. You could also have an ear infection that actually results in pain that radiates to the jaw as well. Go to the doctor and get the right prescription to deal with the issue at its source.

5. Think About Acupuncture

Many people swear by acupuncture to remedy a host of problems in the body. Visit an acupuncturist and discuss your symptoms. You may find that one session is absolutely astonishing in its results.

6. Ask About TMJ

If you’ve tried everything and nothing helps your jaw and ear pain, TMJ could be to blame. Temporomandibular disorders affect thousands of Americans. They result from problems stem from the joint connecting the lower and upper jaw. Whether there is inflammation, strain involving the muscles and ligaments, or the jaw is misaligned, the result can be a host of symptoms, including ear and jaw pain.

Get rid of your pain

If you think TMJ could be the cause of your jaw and ear pain, take my TMJ questionnaire. I’ll reply with a free, no obligations diagnostic recommendation that you can take to your dentist and explain your concerns. TMJ can be identified in the office and successfully treated.

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