Exercises to Relieve TMJ pain

exercises to relieve tmj pain, racine, kenosha, milwaukee, oak creek, wi No one wants to live with chronic pain. Unfortunately, if your are suffering from TMJ, pain is likely to be your constant companion. Until you get to the root of the problem, you could be suffering from chronic jaw pain, back pain, or?neck pain.?Muscle stiffness and soreness are common problems for the victim of TMJ as well.

Chronic tension or pain ?can get to the point that medicine becomes ineffective?as you become immune to its effects. Taking more pain relievers in an effort to find some ease to your discomfort is not the road you want to take. If this sounds like you, it’s time to look for more options and TMJ exercise could be the answer.

Understanding TMJ

When you have a TMJ disorder, your?troubles originates with your jaw. The temporomandibular joint is the hinge that connects both portions of the jaw. When there has been an injury to the jaw, it is out of alignment, or you have an improper placement of your bite, painful symptoms can be the result.

Strain and inflammation are common effects of TMJ. In addition to tenderness and swelling in your jaw, pain can radiate to your head, face or ears. Attempts to compensate for the pain can lead to holding your body in such a way that you experience discomfort in unlikely areas, such as your neck, shoulders or back. Luckily, there are?exercises that could help relieve your tension.

Try these?exercises to relieve your TMJ pain

1. Improving alignment

Standing in front of a mirror, place your tongue on the roof of the mouth, just behind your top front teeth. Slowly open your mouth as wide as you can while noticing any side-to-side movement. As you close it, look for the same lateral movements. If there are any, Repeat the exercise more slowly if there are any. The objective of this exercise is to work each of you jaw joints equally to improve your jaw’s alignment.

2. Strengthening the joint?

Use the palm of your hand to slowly push on one side of your jaw. The heel of your hand should be in line with your chin. Resist the pressure with your jaw, while keeping your teeth aligned. Start off with a small amount of pressure. If it isn’t painful, try increasing the pressure. Repeat on the other side. This exercise is designed to increase the strength of your jaw joint.

3. Loosen up neck muscles

Make an “X” on your chest, with your hands; your right hand should be on your left collarbone and vice versa. Now, stretch your neck back and to the right, then back and to the left. Hold each side?for about 10 seconds.

Learn?more about TMJ treatment

When you’ve exhausted all measures to deal with your TMJ disorder, take the next step and find out?about treatment alternatives?from a TMJ dentist. From mouth guards to cosmetic dentistry to correct the surfaces of your teeth, you’ll find that there are many approaches that are effective in resolving TMJ problems.

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