How a “Bad Bite” Can Cause Migraines and Muscle Pain

Millions of people in the U.S. suffer from chronic migraines.

Oftentimes, they haven’t been able to find relief from over-the-counter or prescription medications.

At the most, these medicinal remedies only tend to dull the pain.

Why do so many people with migraines? And how can they find some real relief?

The answer to and remedy for this pain may actually be in their dentist’s office. As nearly every dentist tells their patients – a bad bite can cause migraines and muscle pain. And thankfully, the dentist can help.

A Bad Bite Can Cause Migraines and Muscle Pain? Why Is That?

To fully understand how a bad bite can cause migraines and muscle pain, it’s important to first understand what a “bad bite” really is.

What Exactly Is a “Bad Bite”?

When a person receives a bad bite diagnosis, what they have is a misaligned bite.

The adult teeth haven’t come into the mouth properly, or they’ve shifted for some reason. It could be that they’ve lost a tooth. If this is the case, the surrounding teeth – including those adjacent on the opposite arch – will shift to fill in the space.

In this type of situation, the patient’s teeth will shift into a bite that’s not ideal. Teeth on the opposite arch can shift upward or downward to fill the space. And the teeth beside the space will shift forward or backward.

A patient who has a full set of crowded, crooked teeth also has a form of misalignment.

Another type of misalignment is when there are jaw bone issues. For instance, a patient could have a wide bottom arch and a narrow upper arch. This doesn’t allow the teeth to fit together properly.

Why a Misaligned Bite Can Cause So Much Pain

Misalignment anywhere in the body can cause pain. That’s one reason why people go to chiropractors. Their neck or back gets “out of place” and it causes pain.

The same thing can happen with a person’s oral health.

When the teeth are not properly aligned, it puts strain on the muscles and tendons of the head and neck.

What would happen if a person’s back went out and they never went to the chiropractor? Discomfort would soon turn into pain. And the continuous strain on the spine and muscles would only get worse.

Continued strain on the jaw joints (known as the TMJ or temporomandibular jaw joint) and muscles will result in more pain. Down the road, if left untreated, it can even result in deterioration of the teeth and jaw joints.

A Dentist Can Reduce the Pain a Patient Experiences

Migraines caused by a misaligned bite and TMJ Disorder can be excruciating and debilitating. Fortunately, there are steps they can take to not only reduce the pain but to prevent it altogether.

Dentists have a number of options for their patients who suffer from muscle pain and headaches. The remedies range from night guards and orthodontics to bite adjustments and new restorations.

Anyone who experiences head, jaw, and neck pain should see their dentist. Their dentist will help them find a TMJ remedy that will finally provide some relief.

Would you like more information about misaligned bites, muscle pain, and TMJ Disorder? If so, download our free eBook. You’ll find out why you shouldn’t keep suffering in silence.

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