TMJ Headaches

blog-migraines Do you have severe and frequent TMJ headaches? Have you tried home remedies but find that the pain keeps coming back anyway? Are you frustrated and considering taking the next step in your TMJ treatment? There are millions of Americans suffering daily from many different types of headaches, and modern technology is providing new and better ways to diagnose and treat them.

Why should you seek dental treatment for your TMJ headaches?

Research shows that people who regularly take over-the-counter medications for headache pain are at a greater risk for serious side effects, such as permanent kidney or liver damage. Home remedies are another common course of action that you can continue to use to provide some relief.

If you are experiencing pain on a regular basis in spite of those treatments, however, then you still haven’t found a resolution to whatever it is that is causing your headaches. Finding out the root cause of your pain might also mean finding a way to fully resolve it.

Use technology to beat your TMJ headaches

Modern technology has come a long way in the treatment of all headaches, including those caused by TMJ disorder. Sometimes these headaches are caused when you get new dental work done, new braces or some other change that sets your jaw out of alignment. TMJ disorders are also caused by arthritis in the jaw or degeneration of the joint.

  • CT scans allow your dentist?to observe the nature of your jaw joint problems and if they are causing airway insufficiencies.
  • Computer jaw tracking enables neuromuscular dentists to track your current jaw alignment. These computerized instruments also enable your dentist to determine what your optimal jaw position should be.
  • Electromyograph and sonography are two other methods used to check muscle function and any abnormalities in the jaw joint.
  • A TENS machine is used to relax your jaw, giving your dentist a better picture of what your naturally aligned jaw position should be.

All of that information gives your dentist a total picture of your jaw, teeth and bite structure. Your dental professional can then customize a full plan of treatment to stabilize your bite, bring your jaw back into proper alignment and relieve your pain.?

Where can you learn more?

As always, your dentist is also a good place to get more detailed information. If you are one of the millions of Americans living with daily headache pain, do yourself a favor and find out if any of these new treatments can help get rid of your pain for good.

If you would like to know if TMJ is the cause of your headaches, take my TMJ questionnaire and I’ll reply with a free, no obligations diagnostic recommendation.

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