4 surprising effects of sleep loss

Effects of sleep deprivation, racine, kenosha, milwaukee, oak creek, wiIf you find that you are always tired, that is only one of the sleep loss effects that could be troubling you. Lack of sleep is a serious matter. When you are robbed of a good night’s rest on a regular basis, you are robbing your body of the chance to recharge and restore. You might not know that sleep loss can actually be damaging to your well-being.

Lack of sleep causes more damage than you may think

When you’re body is deprived of sleep, it can wreak havoc on many levels.

  • Poor job performance is one of the most common effects as you find it hard to concentrate, stay on task, and find enough energy to get through your responsibilities.
  • You may also find that your relationships are suffering due to your emotional state.
  • Depression is one of the greatest concerns that can be traced back to a lack of rest.
  • If you find that you are gaining weight even though your lifestyle hasn’t changed, look at your sleep habits. They could be to blame, slowing your metabolism and making it hard to shed those extra pounds.

When you don’t sleep night after night, it takes a toll on your physical and emotional state. The good news is you can do something about it

Sleep apnea could be to blame

You may not realize that sleep apnea is at the root of your sleepless nights. When you suffer from this sleep disorder, it is generally due to a blockage of your airway that causes you to stop breathing during the night.

These periods can last up to a minute and occur hundreds of times in the most severe cases. The brief awakenings that occur to restart your breathing stop you from falling into deep, restorative sleep. The resulting oxygen deprivation is also a health problem.

Snoring is an indicator of sleep apnea. If you think that you may be dealing with sleep apnea, there are solutions to the problem.

A sleep disorder dentist can help

A sleep disorder dentist can help you find answers to resolve your troubles with sleeping. Through careful examination, your dentist will be able to determine what may be causing your difficulties during the night. Effective solutions such as a snoring device or TMJ treatment could help you get back to healthy sleep.

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