How your teeth could be causing your muscle pain

TMJ muscle pain and stiffness, racine, kenosha, milwaukee, oak creek, wiThe source of your muscle pain could surprise you. If you have been battling with muscle tension that just won’t go quit, it can be really frustrating. When a visit to your physician turns up nothing, it can be even worse. Maybe you’ve been told that it’s stress. While that may contribute to the problem, you could have an underlying issue that has been overlooked. Your muscle pain and stiffness could be traced to your jaw.

How your jaw is related to your muscles

When you have a bad bite, it can cause a domino effect, producing painful sensations in various parts of your body. Tingling or numbness in the hands and fingers is just par for the course, along with a stiff neck, chronic headaches, earaches, and sore shoulders.

It all revolves around the temporomandibular joint. This powerful hinge, connecting the lower and upper jaw, is an intricate system of bone, muscle, and nerves. If it is out of alignment, it can become strained and inflamed. The nerves will begin to scream, causing pain to radiate from the jaw to outlying parts of the body. If you’ve tried every remedy and turned to other medical experts without any luck, try a dentist next.

A TMJ disorder could be the problem

In order to determine if your muscle pain is stemming from your jaw, you need to visit a TMJ dentist. The dentist will ask questions, perform a physical examination, and use medical imagery to arrive at a proper diagnosis. A bite analysis will probably be performed as well.

If a TMJ disorder is determined, the next step will be to find an effective treatment in order to relieve your symptoms. You can finally find a way to rid yourself of muscle pain when you go to the right source.

Relief might not be so far away

Various treatment options are available, including warm compresses, muscle relaxants, anti-inflammatory medications, physical therapy, and massage. A simple fix like an orthotic may be all you need to make your muscle pain and stiffness go away. Sometimes dental restorations are what’s needed to bring balance back to your bite.

The most important thing you can do is take action so that you can find answers.

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