Is dental anxiety keeping you from getting the treatment you need?

With NuCalm you can manage your fear without drugs

image-nucalm-1Dental anxiety is not uncommon. Many people are afraid of the dentist. In the past, drugs and narcotics were used to tame people’s fears. Now, with the new technology of NuCalm, your body and mind are relaxed into the first stage of sleep.

The added bonus of a NuCalm treatment is the calming effects can last for hours, even days, after your appointment, and because NuCalm relaxes your nerves and your muscles, it can also relieve tension in your head, neck, and upper back muscles.

Since NuCalm is not a drug or narcotic, it doesn’t cause any negative side effects. That means there’s no recuperation time. You can head straight back to work after your treatment and there’s no need to arrange for someone to drive you home.


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Just 4 simple steps

In just 4 simple steps, NuCalm will soothe your dental anxiety, keeping you calm, relaxed and ready to face your treatment:

  1. First you’ll chew dietary supplements that use nutrient-sourced building blocks to counteract your body’s release of adrenaline.
  2. Next we’ll place micro-current stimulation patches behind your ears.  This will bring you to relaxation more easily.
  3. The third step is noise-dampening headphones to slow your brain waves to a pre-sleep stage speed of 8Hz-12Hz/second with neuro acoustic software and music.
  4. The final step is light-blocking glasses to block out any visual stimuli that might bring you out of your relaxed NuCalm state.

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Finally you can relax…without drugs

logo-nucalmDuring the pre-sleep stage, known as the Alpha sleep stage, your body and mind are downshifting into sleep. Your brain waves slow down, but you are not yet asleep. You are conscious – able to speak and respond – but you are incapable of becoming anxious because of the slower brain wave speed.

Your NuCalm experience will be very similar. During the pre-sleep stage, it’s quite common to experience sensations known as hypnagogic hallucinations.  You may feel like you are falling, think you hear someone calling your name, or have slight, involuntary twitches or daydreams.  You can expect these same sensations with your NuCalm treatment.

Send your dental anxiety into the past

98% of the over 140,000 patients that have used NuCalm during their dental treatment, said they would recommend it to their friends and family. They report being so relaxed they were hardly be aware of their dental procedure.  With no dental anxiety plus the bonus of NuCalm’s calming after effects, you’ll come away with that “after-the-spa” sense of rejuvenation.

NuCalm is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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