Info from a Milwaukee dentist: Snoring-why it could be dangerous

Is Snoring Dangerous, Milwaukee sleep disorder dentistIf you are dealing with a partner who snores or you have been told that you snore, you probably think that it is a major nuisance. The racket is disruptive of a good night’s sleep, keeping others up.

If you are the victim of snoring, your sleep is disturbed as well, whether you know it or not. You never fall into a completely restful state during the night. While snoring is annoying, you need to think about the consequences and answer the question: is snoring dangerous?

How snoring could be putting you at risk

Is snoring dangerous? Absolutely, especially if you are the victim. When you spend night after night snoring, you could also be suffering from sleep deprivation. While many may think that they can function with little sleep, it isn’t true. You are bound to become clumsy at work as you fight fatigue, making you more prone to accidents. Worse yet, you could fall asleep at the wheel. When chronic snoring has an impact on your quality of sleep on a regular basis, you will no longer function at optimal capacity and could pay the price.

Snoring could indicate sleep apnea

In order to tackle the dangers of snoring, it’s important to consider what is at the root of the problem. Snoring could be a symptom of a more serious breathing problem. It’s more than the fact that you can’t sleep well. Snoring often indicates that you have an obstruction in your airway, whether it’s in your nasal passages, mouth, or throat.

If the blockage is severe, you could actually stop breathing. This indicates sleep apnea, a serious condition. In the worst cases, victims of this sleep disorder may stop breathing hundreds of times in a night. Your snoring could be the moment your body fights to breathe again. If left untreated, your body is deprived of vital oxygen. Over time, you could be prone to high blood pressure, heart attack, and strokes.

Learn more

If you’re concerned, asking yourself is snoring dangerous, visit a Milwaukee sleep disorder dentist to find answers. Once you have a proper diagnosis of the problem, snoring treatment is available. It could be as simple as a snoring mouthguard. Take that step in the right direction and set up a consultation today to have sweet dreams tomorrow.

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