If you have recurring migraine headaches, your jaw might be causing them

migraine headaches, kenosha, oak creek, racine, milwaukee, wiDo you suffer from severe migraine headaches that completely disable you? If you do, you may be suffering from TMJ migraines. If you continually suffer from migraines, you no doubt are well aware how different these types of headaches are from your typical run of the mill headache. You know they completely incapacitate you and that they disrupt your life, often at the most crucial moments.

This can affect not only your daily life, both personally and professionally, but also the lives of your loved ones who depend on you and miss you when you are unable to be there for them.

TMJ migraines are more than a bad headache

Migraines are not merely bad headaches. Instead, they are something that makes it virtually impossible for you to carry out your daily activities. You have severe, debilitating head pain that may radiate to various parts of your head. This pain may also go from your head to your neck and you may experience additional symptoms such as severe nausea and dizziness. The nausea may become so severe that you eventually vomit. Moreover, you are often forced to lie completely still and be completely separated from any type of stimuli, including sound and light.

What is TMJ and how does it cause migraines?

TMJ is caused by a malfunctionning jaw joint. It’s usually caused by jaw injuries, but can also occur when your jaw joint becomes misaligned due to teeth clenching or grinding, damaged or missing teeth or genetics. When your jaw joint doesn’t function as it should, your jaw, face, head and neck muscles have to work extra hard to compensate.

Over time these tired muscle become strained and tight, putting pressure on the nerves that run through them. These compressed nerves send pain signals to your brain. If the affected nerves happen to be involved with your head the result is, ouch, TMJ migraines.

Stop suffering

If you are suffering from TMJ migraines and you have tried other solutions only to find that you are still in pain, you may benefit from treatment from a dentist?who specializes in TMJ dentistry. They have an array of modern tools, training and techniques to diagnose the cause of your TMJ disorder and prescribe the right treatment, thus reducing the number of headaches that you are suffering.

Learn more

TMJ can be difficult to diagnose, and difficult to understand. If you think your TMJ migraines may be caused by a TMJ disorder, you can learn more about TMJ by downloading my free e-book, “Do I Have TMJ?”. Understanding what’s going on behind the pain is the first step in finding the treatment to eliminate your TMJ pain.

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