Are there medications for TMJ pain?

medications for tmj pain, kenosha, oak creek, racine, milwaukee, wiChronic TMJ pain can cause some serious downtime. Missing important obligations, work shifts, or crucial time with your family can put a big dent in your life. A TMJ specialist has a wide variety of treatments to help resolve your pain.

Over the counter relief

TMJ treatment in Milwaukee can include over the counter pain management products.

  • Anti-inflammatory medications can be very effective in shrinking swelling caused by tight, tired muscles
  • Painkillers can relieve headaches so that you can maintain your thought processes and perform work duties and other tasks
  • Muscle relaxants can assist with calming your muscles if you are having episodes of spontaneous spasms or tooth clenching.

Achieving relaxation

For many people with TMJ, over the counter medications help, but they don’t solve the problem. In these cases, a TMJ specialist may offer up TMJ treatment.

Often called “Phase 1” treatment, this first step aims to relieve pain and bring your jaw back into physiological health. This is usually achieved with:

  • technology like a TENS machine that relaxes your strained jaw muscles
  • mouth guards that stop you from grinding or clenching your teeth while you sleep.
  • orthotics that can bring your bite into alignment, reducing muscle strain
  • physio therapy to retrain your jaw muscles
  • chiropractic treatments to realign your spine

Treat it for the long term

Once your muscles have relaxed and the pain has subsided, it’s time for phase two. The goal of this phase it to bring stability back to your bite. This is often achieved with orthodontics to reposition teeth or reshape your jaw or dental restorations such a crowns, bridges, implants or veneers to repair or replace missing teeth.

Get the help you need

You do not have to continue to suffer with jaw popping, frequent headaches, clicking, neck pain, or general discomfort. TMJ treatment can help. Is phase 1 all you need Could a phase 2 treatment be the ticket to resolving your pain? Why not find out. Come in for a complimentary consultation to find out how dentistry could help you.

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