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Dr. Westman, dentist in Racine, WI: Gum disease is a very common health concern. Research shows that in the United States more than 50% of adults have some form of periodontal (gum) disease!”

Periodontal or ‘gum’ disease often develops gradually and painlessly over the years. By the time obvious symptoms surface, it has become serious enough to affect your overall health, or put you in danger of losing teeth.

From age 30 and up, three out of four people are affected by bleeding gums. Gum disease is more common in adults, but it can affect anyone.


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How gum disease develops. (Read this!)

  1. Plaque is a natural, clear and sticky substance that forms on our teeth every day. Brushing your teeth regularly and thoroughly should remove the plaque from your teeth. But, if any plaque is left behind, it will harden into tartar. Tartar can’t be removed by simply brushing and flossing.
  2. Tartar will cause ‘inflammation of the gums’ (also known as gingivitis). It’s the early stage of gum disease. Gingivitis doesn’t hurt. You might experience symptoms like redness, bleeding and bad breath but it’s relatively painless.
  3. When untreated, periodontal or gum disease will start to break down gum tissue. It will form “pockets” which will easily infect. At that point, your teeth will begin to lose their attachment to the gum tissue.
  4. During this attachment loss, gum disease will also break down the bones that hold your teeth in place. As a consequence, tooth loss will result.

Periodontal, or gum disease treatment by Dr. Westman in Racine

Here is the good news: Gum disease is both preventable and treatable. Preventing gum disease is simple actually. Apply a regular oral hygiene routine! Include regular brushing and flossing along with professional dental cleanings and exams.

How gum disease is treated

  1. A periodontal probe will measures your gum/teeth structure
  2. Dental x-rays will tell how much healthy bone is surrounding your teeth
  3. When gum disease is progressive, root scaling and planing will be used to remove infected spots
  4. Surgery will be applied when gum tissue or bone damage has become serious

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Gum disease symptoms? Take action now!

If you notice signs such as:

  • Red or swollen gums
  • Regularly bleeding gums
  • Sensitive, painful or smelly gums (bad breath)

please schedule a ‘Gum Disease Dental Exam‘  with Dr. Westman in Racine, WI.


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