Poor-fitting dentures…

We’ve all seen someone with them

denturesYou’ve also heard them…. clicking, slurring, causing all sorts of speech impediments. 

An important role

Dentures that don’t fit properly can cause more serious problems.

Gums and tissue can be damaged by dentures that haven’t been fitted properly to your mouth and bite. Your oral health can also be compromised, which can lead to other more serious health problems.

Proper fitting dentures enhance your appearance and improve chewing ability. They also serve an important role in supporting the muscles in your face and jaw and the jaw joints.


Fast response.

Individualized approach

dentures3Dr. Westman in Racine provides a specialized approach to removable complete and partial dentures. He knows your health AND your time are both valuable. So he has an in-house dentures lab that offers you shorter waiting times, quick adjustments and a more individualized approach.

Every phase of denture fabrication is performed personally by Dr. Westman with his own two hands,  not by an outside laboratory technician. Dr Westman makes all the impressions and bite records himself, and he custom arranges the actual teeth that will be in the final denture, right in his patient’s mouths, via a wax setup…to get the bite right and to achieve a natural looking smile.

Then after injection molding, finishing and polishing the resin denture bases in his own in-house laboratory, he personally delivers his custom made dentures and performs all intra-oral adjustments. The result? Unsurpassed quality and happy patients!

Most importantly…

Dr. Westman provides precision-fit dentures, which have been measured to give the best position for your jaw and bite.

What you end up with…

Properly fitting dentures so you can speak, eat and smile with comfort and confidence.

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What’s the difference between removable complete and partial dentures?

A complete set of dentures replaces all your teeth. If you have some healthy teeth, a partial denture can be used to replace the missing teeth. A partial denture will keep your remaining natural teeth from shifting in your mouth, which will cause your bite to become misaligned. This could lead to pain and serious problems in the future.

How are dentures made?

Dentures are made out of a gum-colored resin base with high-strength polymer teeth that are aesthetically pleasing.

The dentures as well as teeth impressions and bite records are made in-house by Dr. Westman himself.  He processes the resin denture base and places the custom made dentures personally.

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Worried about payment?

Dr. Westman will work with you to find a payment solution that fits into your budget. Find out about our Flexible Payment Plans.

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