Cosmetic Dental Treatment Options

Cosmetic_Fillings-Broken-TeethIs cosmetic dentistry for me?

Stained, broken or crooked teeth?
First impressions count!


Dentures that don’t fit properly can cause more serious problems.



Dr. Westman’s practice offers orthodontic solutions for all ages. He is a specialist in youth and adult braces.

Cosmetic_Teeth-WhiteningTeeth Whitening

Are you hiding your smile?
Dr. Westman’s office has a teeth whitening solution for you.

Cosmetic_Dental-ImplantsDental Implants

Dr Westman uses in-office cat-scan imaging for accurate planning, patient comfort and safety when placing tooth-form implants.

Cosmetic_Smile-DesignSmile MakeOvers

Yes, they are talking about You. You’ve just had a Smile MakeOver.

Cosmetic_Smile-MakeoverMetal Free Tooth Fillings

Going to the dentist twice a year, getting our cavities filled and having a thorough cleaning done.

Family_Periodontal-DiseaseCrowns & Bridges

Do you have an unsightly gap in your mouth? Are you embarrassed or worried about it might be doing to the rest of your teeth?


Who doesn’t want a perfect, radiant smile?
Create a beautiful smile instantly with veneers.

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